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19 July 2018

6 Lazy Meal Preps | With 6 ingredients or less

6 Lazy Meal Preps - With 6 ingredients or less - eat clean, macros, high protein
As some of you might have read, I've been trying to cut down on meat & have been slowly doing so for about a year now! I can now happily say I have eaten no meat Monday-Friday for 3 weeks now! Which is a massive leap from where I was before. So in celebration of this, the recipes bellow show both the veggie option & the regular, as well as their macros. So go on, give a veggie dish a go! 

5 July 2018

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ | 5 Meals & their Macros

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ - 5 Meals & their Macros - Grilled chicken & veg
 'Tis the season for BBQ's! And wouldn't you love endless BBQ's, guilt free, that didn't mess with your diet? Well ditch the white buns & processed meat! Here's a couple of meal ideas - all healthy, some more complex than others - to allow you to BBQ all summer along, whilst aiding your goals...

22 June 2018

Check In | Where I've Been & Where I'm Going

Check In - Where I've been & Where I'm going - growing up, buying a house, DIY
Ahh I feel like the worst blogger in the world of late! Do you ever get so tired that all you want to do is veg out?! I completely lost all my creative juices over the last month! But rest assured, it was all for a very good reason... we only went & brought a house!!! Massive tick off the New Years resolutions list. Still working on the 'be more like Kimmy Schmidt' one... must be more positive!

1 June 2018

Ditch the Carb Cut | Learn How to Swap

Ditch the carb cut - learn how to swap - meal prep, eat clean, cooking, recipe
Is anyone else getting sick & tired of being told what they can't eat?!? It's one thing to say don't each too many sugars, or a pizza every night, but another to completely dirty a whole food group. About 15 years ago it was fat that got dragged through the mud, causing a rise in low fat diets & low fat foods. Now it seems to be carbs! And although the nutritionists have the right idea, I feel their research & knowledge is watered down so much, that it leaves the general public trying to avoid such food groups completely.

18 May 2018

The Summer Shred | The Difference Between Cutting & Cutting Out

The Summer Shred - The Difference Between Cutting & Cutting Out - eat clean, low carb, summer, fresh food
Woah it's been a few weeks, right!?! Blink and that's almost a month gone. But I've been working on something very exciting... Working on one of those New Year resolutions. More to come soon. But in the meantime, let's talk cutting...

20 April 2018

Real Talk | Cheat Meals, Giving Up & Weight Gain

Real talk - cheat meals, giving up & weight gain - cheat meaal, chips, meatballs
More often than not, fitness is portrayed in this glossy light - the perfect diet, the perfect workout & most importantly no slip ups! And yet to me the most inspiring stories are how people overcome things or the naughty treats they have. The most inspiring fitness influencers are the ones that share the whole picture & are honest. So before I hear one more person telling me what they're giving up ahead of summer, I want to share my weak points to inspire everyone to be a little kinder on themselves, in the build up to summer.

13 April 2018

Lean Prep | My 3 Quick, Go To Meals

Lean prep - easy, quick meal prep recipes for summer

Whether you're joined me on my 'Lean for Lent' challenge or not, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite recipes, as I know summer is on it's way... Even if you wouldn't think it by the current weather! All are quick, delicious & you can make on a budget! You'll be surprised just how easy it is to make a meal from scratch!!!