20 December 2015

Fit Tip Weekend : 8 Tips on using Green Tea for Weight Loss (Part Two)

   Hope you enjoyed my 8 Health Benefits of Green Tea post a couple of days a go, but as promised here is part two - on just how you can use green tea to help aid weight loss!
1. Drink Often This has to be a routinely thing, otherwise you'll see no effect. Try drinking at least three a day for weight loss aids - either half an hour before or after a meal, to help break down your food effectively. A tip I learnt from Women's Health though - do not drink it (or water) just before a meal to fill you up, as this is actually diluting your stomach acids, so digestion will be less effective & therefore you could end up storing more fat. Just remember not to add milk or sugar to the tea, as you will be preventing the full effect.

8 December 2015

PANTONE Colour(s) of the Year 2016 - Balance & Tranquillity

    Introducing Pantone's very first dual colour of the year - a seamless blend of Rose QuartzSerenity. This mineral pink & light dusky blue will soon be what influences the fabrics that are brought by designers, the mood desired within interiors & even to the extent of inspiring food presentation.