20 December 2015

Fit Tip Weekend : 8 Tips on using Green Tea for Weight Loss (Part Two)

   Hope you enjoyed my 8 Health Benefits of Green Tea post a couple of days a go, but as promised here is part two - on just how you can use green tea to help aid weight loss!
1. Drink Often This has to be a routinely thing, otherwise you'll see no effect. Try drinking at least three a day for weight loss aids - either half an hour before or after a meal, to help break down your food effectively. A tip I learnt from Women's Health though - do not drink it (or water) just before a meal to fill you up, as this is actually diluting your stomach acids, so digestion will be less effective & therefore you could end up storing more fat. Just remember not to add milk or sugar to the tea, as you will be preventing the full effect.

8 December 2015

PANTONE Colour(s) of the Year 2016 - Balance & Tranquillity

    Introducing Pantone's very first dual colour of the year - a seamless blend of Rose QuartzSerenity. This mineral pink & light dusky blue will soon be what influences the fabrics that are brought by designers, the mood desired within interiors & even to the extent of inspiring food presentation.

11 November 2015

Fashion Week SS16 Trend Report

 Brilliant florals, baroque prints & vibrant colours, inspired by exotic lands & beautiful foreign cultures. A trend well suited to those hot summer days & the spectacular summer celebrations.

9 November 2015

My Month in Photos: September + Boo Tea Teatox Review + Mackerel Salad Recipe!!!

   Hello Autumn!!! It has well & truly arrived within the last month - as have the crunchy leaves on the floor that my inner child still loves to stomp through! Last month was a busy one for me - I completed my PORTFOLIO, had some experience interning at Holly Fulton & have enjoyed cooking meals for two, now that my man has returned from his two months in America! So here is a glimpse into my September - I hope yours was just as colourful!
Yum Yum! Greek yoghurt, honey + raspberries = Healthy & delicious!

6 November 2015

FITSPO Friday : Anna Renderer

   I travelled to uni to study one of my passions, only to discover another along the way - fitness! For every moment that fashion has overwhelmed me with stress, tore down my confidence and pushed me to breaking point, working out has helped to build up my strength, revive my body and empower my self belief once more. Without it, who knows where me and my degree would be now! Travelling to uni allowed me the freedom to explore my interest in fitness, and with every year that passes I grow ever more intrigued and hungry to learn more! Hence why I have recently decided to open my blog up to much more than just my love of fashion & design...

2 November 2015

It's All in the Detail - Fashion Week SS16

   You may have noticed a small absence, but don't despair, I have not forgotten to post again! I have been gathering the best details of Fashion Week SS16 to bring you a quick glimpse into what to look forward to next season. So I hope you enjoy the blast of strong colour palettes, the unusual textures and the uncanny celebration of all that is lady like, that is your SS16. Let me know your favourite moments of Fashion Week bellow!
Miu Miu                              Emilio Pucci

31 October 2015

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13 October 2015

The Making of a Graduate Collection - Behind the Scenes of Sickly Sweet Suburbia SS16

Photograph by Jack Codling
   As promised, here is a glimpse into my last year at uni studying fashion design & the build up to my graduate collection! If anyone out there is also studying fashion, I expect you are constantly told how quick your final year will go - they are not kidding! It was an intense amount of work for only 9 months, with little sleep towards the end (6am-12pm was my working day in the last couple of weeks to show day) & with many worrying thoughts that I'd never finish the collection, dissertation & portfolio. But I did it!!! And despite everything, it was worth it to see my collection come to life on the catwalk & to share my hard work with everyone around me. So I introduce to you Sickly Sweet Suburbia SS16...

9 October 2015

Fit Tip Friday : 8 Health Benefits of Green Tea (Part One)

   Firstly welcome to my first of many health & fitness posts! If anyone follows me on instagram, they'll know I do love my fitness, it really motivates me & makes me feel great. So I have decided to share this love with you on my blog!
   So I know I am a little late to the tea party here (lol), but I have just this week discovered the wonder that is green tea. Up until now, it was just another one of those funky tasting teabags, but it turns out that they're much much more. The health benefits definitely out way the taste, especially if you check the labels & make sure you're buying quality tea (price doesn't necessarily play a factor, just check the labels & navigate past all the fancy branding) - as they'll be packed full of antioxidants & as a result, health benefits too! However, as it turns out, they actually taste quite pleasant, considering I dislike flavoured/milkless tea! So here are the top 8 health benefits of drinking Green Tea at least twice a day!

10 April 2015

The Truth Behind Real Style

   So recently I was asked to share what my favourite style tip was, part of La Redoute's campaign 'The Secret To French Style' -showcasing their chief stylists' seven most valuable tips for effortless elegance & a Parisian style - and it really got me thinking. I found it hard to summarise style with one short sentence, it is far more individual than that. So I questioned what style really means to me as an individual & how I could share my tips among every women. So here are my top 3 style tips, straight from my heart & with a designers perspective...

1. A winter's coat is an investment. 
Be it a staple timeless coat, or an annual statement treat, the coat should be an investment, a quality piece. Why? Because it can convert any summer's dress instantly into a winter's outfit. Team it with this years gloves & hat & you're all set! Personally I can not live without my trench coat! It goes with every dress I own. Roll sleeves up & leave open for an autumn look & tie it to keep you warm in the winter months.