20 April 2017

9 Surprisingly Unhealthy Snacks | And Their Healthier Alternatives

Healthy Snack Option Eat Clean Energy Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowl
I don't know about you, but I am tired of trying to navigate through a minefield of 'low fat', 'low cal', '0 sugar' labels on what is supposed to be 'healthy' food products. Even down to the high protein cereal, that only has 1g of protein more than the original, yet charges twice the price... I am tired of being sold a load of over hyper, over priced so called health food, that is actually less beneficial than the natural, cheaper, raw ingredients. So I have decided to bring you a list of my top 9 unhealthy 'healthy' snacks & some great alternatives to try to help you navigate through the minefield of labels & discover why certain foods are not all they claim to be.
Before I begin, here are a couple of big warning signs to look out for...

13 April 2017

I Gave Up Cheat Meals for 40 Days | Here's What I Learnt

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We all have peaks & troughs in our fitness journeys, but recently my weekend cheat meal had evolved into a cheat weekend... And although I hate those sayings - 'Don't let the weekend undo the progress of the week' - it couldn't be more true for me. Now when I say cheat weekend, I wasn't eating junk food all day every day, I was still eating quite healthy, but I would be having a lot of little treats, trying to sample a bit of everything before the weekend was over. A little here & there can quickly mount up to surpassing your calories for the day. So I decided - since I liked a challenge - to go cold turkey for lent. This would mean 40 days without any cheat meals & on top of that I wanted to eat within my macros - IIFYM - & eat cleaner in general. So instead of my weekend cheat meal, I might treat myself to honey on my porridge & make a healthy, clean version of my favourite meals - such as sausage & mash or burritos, cooked from scratch.

6 April 2017

My 5 Go To Meal Preps | Easy, Healthy & Budget!

One Sheet Terriyake Chicken Meal Prep Recipe
I don't know about you, but meal prep has definitely changed my life for the better! In just 2-3hrs a week, I am able to prepare all my main meals for the week ahead, so they're just ready to reheat when I get in late from the gym! It saves me time, prevents me from reaching for something easy yet unhealthy & saves me a heap of money. By planning what I will eat each week, my food bill has dropped dramatically & I rarely waste any food. If you're a beginner to meal prepping, or just wondering where to begin with it - check out my Ultimate Guide to Meal Prepping first.

30 March 2017

Exhaustion | 5 Ways I Conquer it & Get Motivated for the Gym

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I think one of the most used excuses for not working out is tiredness - and yes sometimes it is a very valid reason, but most of the time it is a lack of motivation that is causing us to use tiredness as an excuse. So if this is what is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, then I thought I'd share with you my 5 quick fix tips of how I get energised & motivated for the gym, even after a long day!

9 March 2017

Should Women Lift? | I Say Hell YES! Here's Why...

Michelle Lewin Fitness Inspo Women Who Lift Strong Lean Toned Abs
There is such a stigma around women who weight train & a genuine fear that surrounds it, which prevents many women from even giving it a try. Well in honour of International Women's Day yesterday, I want to discuss why we should abolish these ridiculous thoughts & why it is such a great method of training for women & men alike!

2 March 2017

Pantone Colour of 2017 | What it Means for Fashion, Food & Interiors

Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 Greenery 15-0343
With fashion weeks soon coming to an end, I thought it was only fitting to talk about one of the biggest trends in design for 2017 - Pantone's Colour of the Year - a decision that not only inspires the design world around us, but also reflects the current climate of humanity. And with that, I am excited to announce that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery. Colour 15 - 0343.

26 February 2017

Join Me on my LEAN for LENT Challenge!

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This lent I will be giving up something that I absolutely love - my cheat meals! Although I can be really good all week, sometimes I can be quite over indulgent when it comes to my cheats. So I have decided to challenge myself, by giving up one of my biggest indulgences, in order to pick up some new healthy habits over lent. And I want YOU to join me!
I'm not asking you to be as extreme as me, but I would love you to join me in making a positive step towards living healthier & getting fitter. And I think lent is the perfect time to challenge ourselves & prove just how strong willed we can be!
So join me for my Lean for Lent 40 Day Challenge. Subscribe now to receive your Lean for Lent plan, to discover different challenges, inspirational figures, tips on how to stay motivated & to be in with a chance of winning some great fitness prizes! If we work together, we can achieve great things.

23 February 2017

7 Healthy Pancakes | For Every Type of Diet

Pancake day is one of my favourite times of year - it's a great, guilt free excuse to sit around with family & eat tones of pancakes with all types of toppings! But this year, I am feeling creative & have decided to explore further than my favourite lemon & sugar topped pancakes. So here are my 7 favourite pancake recipes, for every type of diet...
Pancake Day Healthy Recipe Ideas for Every Type of Diet, Eat Clean, Protein, Workout, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Carb Recipes

9 February 2017

Let's Talk Body Image | And Lady Gaga's Kick Ass Body!

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 NFL Performance Half Time Show Performance in Versace
In case you were living with your head in the clouds, last weekend was one of the biggest events of American sport - Super Bowl Sunday. And in case you hadn't heard, Lady Gaga was the half time performer. And according to Forbes, she was the most tweeted about half time act they've ever had, with in excess of 5.1 million tweets during the show - you go girl! But despite her insane performance, you can always rely on some to be critical. I hate that this is even an issue to be discusses, but unfortunately Lady Gaga was body shamed for a tiny 'belly' during that performance.

2 February 2017

How to Fuel & Re-Fuel Your Workouts | Fuel 10K

Flatlay - pre workout & post workout. Fuel 10K quark pouch, fruit, tangerine, recipe, women's health magazine
I hear so often people at the gym complaining about a lack of energy; when questioned what they've eaten all day, their response is something like a salad or a soup for lunch. And there lays the problem. So often we are told what foods to stay away from & what to eat in order to loose weight & stay trim, but not enough people talk about the fuel our bodies need to complete a workout. In particular, carbohydrates are given such a bad name - they make you bloat, make you put on loads of weight & make your skin really bad. Well what a load of ****! Certain sugary, processed carbs might, but don't lump all carbs under the same category. We'll talk more about this later.

21 January 2017

Meal Prep 101 | The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Meal Prep for the day, clean eating, banana, boiled eggs, muffin, salad, chicken & veg, Sweat potato, beans & meat, hummus & celery
Meal prepping - to some a way of life, to others a mystery as to where to even begin! Well hopefully I can clear up all your questions, with my simple guide on how to meal prep. So what is meal prep? It is where you prepare whole meals or aspects of your meals in advance, to save time. This could include anything from chopping your week's vegetables all at once, or measuring out portion sizes ready for the week ahead, or even cooking a full batch of meals in advance. Even the smallest amount of prep can be so helpful.

17 January 2017

10 Exercises to Try if You're an Exercise Newbie | Win a Workout

Confidence can be one of the biggest things holding you back when you first begin to exercise & that's completely understandable - you're in a new surrounding & are unsure of what to do. Well guess what, we've all been there! But now we are happy & confident in what we do & that will become you too. One of the best ways to find that confidence is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy! Don't feel pressured to exercise in a specific way because that is the 'only' way - that's rubbish. The more you enjoy exercise, the more you will want to continue with it & you'll start seeing results, inside & out.

Adidas Boost Floral Pink Trainer, for Gym Training, with Metallic Logo

14 January 2017

My Top Health & Fitness Essentials | Food, Drink & Supplements

1. Water  In any shape or form! Not only does it hydrate you & makes your skin look great, but drink it with the right ingredients & it's a miracle worker! Try adding lemon to your water or drink water in the form of green tea - both are fantastic for your health, they remove toxins from the system & relieves bloating. I started drinking green tea about a year ago & haven't looked back since. Goodbye bloating, hello flat tummy!

9 January 2017

Well being & Fitness Goals | How to Reassess for 2017

Christmas has passed, as have all the good excuses for eating a whole box of chocolates in one sitting... And the new year is now in full swing, along with all our fresh new resolutions! But how many of those resolutions actually stick? And is it because we are setting too many challenging goals for ourselves at once? Well this year I have chosen to make NO New Years Resolutions. Why? I can't think of any, nor do I feel I need any. Instead I'm focusing my mind on progression & being more constructive overall.
So if you're like me & can't think of or want a New Years resolution, then maybe it's the perfect time to reassess some old goals, to make this a productive & positive year for us all! These goals don't have to be just fitness, you can reassess any in a similar way, but today we are focusing on those fitness goals.

1 January 2017

New Year. New Blog. New Me.

Hello & welcome to the first official blog post for Pin & Trim!
The new year is always thought of as a chance to change, for self improvement; hence why I have decided to officially launch this blog today. The beginning of a new year & a start of a new, more exciting blog. If you have followed me from my previous blog - Dress Me, I'm Your Mannequin - then welcome back. Or if you're new, I hope you enjoy what you see. But make sure to subscribe, so you never miss any exciting new content!