27 July 2017

A Beginners Guide to a Plant Based Diet | How & Why?

Beginners Guide to Vegetarian Plant Base Diet - Recipe Idea Lazy Cat Kitchen Vietnamese Tempah Noodle Salad
There's nothing better than that feeling of having your macros on point! You feel great, you look healthy & you have more energy. But since I've upped my protein intake to help me build a little muscle, I have subsequently upped my meat intake, which is something I am not comfortable with on a long term basis. I love animals, but I also really enjoy my food - it is a real internal fight I have with myself. I have to mentally separate the two, otherwise I would just not be able to eat meat again.

20 July 2017

The Perfect Split | Never Miss a Workout

The Perfect Workout Split - Never Miss A Workout - Workout Plan - Motivation Get Fit - Gym Workout
You have your workouts perfectly planned for the week, but mid week comes, your tired & you decide to miss a day. It can be one of the most frustrating things about working out & one of the most detrimental, if you're the type to feel guilty about missing a workout. It can really effect your motivation for the rest of the week! Not only that, but if you keep missing a certain day - for example leg day or back day - then you're strength & results will be a lot weaker in those areas.

13 July 2017

Real Talk | How Fitness Has Strengthened My Mental Health

How Fitness Has Strengthened My Mental Health - Happy & confident
So this blog post is a little different to my usual ones. Instead of advice & motivation, it's more of a personal chat - one that I hope will help others going through something similar & will also explain why I love working out so much!