16 December 2016

6 Ways I Balance Indulgence & Fitness over Chritsmas

   Christmas is one of my favourite times of year - the magical decorations, the time spent with loved ones & of course THE FOOD! But with so much delicious temptation about, it's hard not to over-indulge now & worry about it later. Or there's the other route - be super strict, avoid all temptation, stay fit & not necessarily enjoy Christmas fully. Neither sound like the best idea to me! So that's why I thought I'd share with you my plan for this Christmas - how I intend to both enjoy my festive favourites & stay lean throughout.
1. GUILT This is the first & most crucial point to address. If you feel guilty every time you eat a mince pie, that needs to change. This negativity will only drag you down. If you work hard, see that mince pie as a reward instead. For example, if you train hard & eat healthy 90% of the year, a few festive treats won't hurt. Equally that doesn't give you the excuse to over indulge for the entirety of December. That brings us onto my next point...

14 December 2016

Your Body Was Made to Move - Q&A with Matthew Miller

   Following yesterday's post on the importance of taking care of your body, in order to keep active, I've asked former bodybuilder & creator of Broga - Matthew Miller - his advice on the topic. Though only a short Q&A, he offers invaluable advice on how to stay fit & the importance of yoga when caring for your body!

13 December 2016

Your Body Was Made to Move - Exercise & Supplement Guide

   It is remarkable really, just what our bodies are capable of doing! But do we truly make the most of it? Be it a gentle stroll or a hardcore HIIT session, exercise of any kind is fantastic for our bodies. And as long as we challenge our own personal bests, we continue to reap the rewards. However, despite the benefits of frequent exercise, it can cause increased stress on our joints. So I went to go & meet with the team at Solgar to discuss exactly what can be done to keep our bodies as healthy as our lifestyle!

25 November 2016

Clean Eating Made Easy - What I Eat in a Day

   I see so often people falling short of their goals because they're either constantly dieting & depriving their bodies of what it truly needs, or they just feel at a loss as to what to eat. So I thought today I would share with you exactly what I eat in a week, to show you just how easy it is! So ditch those naff diets - its time to fuel your body with what it needs, to enjoy what you're eating & to understand why you're eating it!
   Before I begin, there's a few important things to note...

18 November 2016

AW 16/17 Trend Report - Part 3 - Concept

   This season I have noticed 4 recurring themes, inspired by culture, OTT personas & locations. These have included the overly feminine, minimalism, Eastern florals & Western fantasies. My personal favourite is the overly feminine. Take a look & see what inspires you the most this season...
Twin Peaks
If you have never seen the David Lynch TV program, Twin Peaks, then go watch NOW! This surreal crime drama, set in a small American logging town, is anything but usual. It is an eerie, disconcerting & extremely addictive classic that you'll never forget. Anyway, enough of the program, it is it's styling we're interested in. This is small town early 90's American fashion, where diner dresses, bulky hand knits & your boyfriends letterman's jacket are your style staples. Watch the program & you'll understand!

17 November 2016

AW 16/17 Trend Report - Part 2 - Cut & Fabric

Tie It Up
This trend is all about adding layers & texture to a garment, through knots, twists & ties, to manipulate the look of a classic garment. Fabrics with a weight or a certain stiffness are best here, as they allow for more extravagant silhouettes & creative sculpting of the fabric. This is quite a unique look, so if you can't find anything like this, try manipulating simple garments yourself, to create something much more memorable!

16 November 2016

What To Expect? AW 16/17 Trend Report - Part 1 - Colour

   What do they say? Some things are worth the wait... And this is one of them! I have scouted all the shows from AW 16/17 to bring you an edit of the most creative, individual & spectacular pieces the designers have to offer for this season. So sit back & enjoy this 3 part series, that I hope may inspire you to explore fashion, even in the most bleakest of weathers!
A 70's Hue
There's no mistaking that when the weather turns cold, we find warmth in our colour choice. My particular favourites are the burnt umber, coppers & fiery oranges seen this season. This colour palette combined with a nod to the 70's - which was hugely popular in the summer - offers us a range of beautiful dresses, suede boots & statement knitwear. 

14 October 2016

100% Natural Peanut Butter Protein Bars

   If you're like me, there is only one thing that keeps clean eating a sustainable life choice - and that is a treat! We all have different cravings for things, but mine is for anything sweet, particularly freshly prepared desserts. So perhaps it's time to indulge your cravings, to control them, by having a small daily treat. And what better than a treat that is sweet, full of energy & 100% clean? A perfect pre gym energy boost or a well earned post gym recovery snack.

30 September 2016

How to Keep it Clean with Your Protein

   We have all done away with dieting - and if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for - to favour one new rule, JUST EAT CLEAN. And why not? We are no longer restricting ourselves from necessary food groups such as carbs or dairy, we are eating more natural versions of our old favourites & we are feeling healthier, happier & more motivated than ever to continue. But this is where most people come unstuck - how do we know what supplements are right for us?

15 August 2016

7 Days to Healthy Snacking with Whitworths Shots

The Fear of Snacking...
   We all know that snacking can be detrimental to succeeding our fitness goals! But saying you'll give up snacking & actually doing it are two very different things. I think instead of demonising the concept of snacking, we need to look at what type of foods we're snacking on. For instance, eating at regular intervals during the day - like a snack in between meals - actually helps kick start the metabolism, boosts energy levels & can prevent further cravings. However it depends what you snack on - pick up that chocolate biscuit & your energy levels will soon crash, you're sweet tooth will not be satisfied & all the sugars done is given you a temporary boost before feeling peckish again.

27 July 2016

7 Tips for Healthy Joints & Bones for Every Fitness Level

   Joint & bone care is so important, especially if you live an active lifestyle! It's just as important as the training you do & the food you eat to look after your body. It isn't until you have an injury yourself, that you really put this into perspective. Last year I pulled something in my back, simply by picking up a barbell without thinking & taking all the strain with my back. At the time I just thought that oops - that was bad form! But a week later, my back was in BITS!

19 July 2016

Lean, Bulk, Gain, Shred: How to Build the Physique You Want this Summer! Q+A with MaxiNutrition

   Have you ever noticed that upon the arrival of summer, we all start eating healthier & becoming more active, trying to follow all or any trends we read online, all in the hope of achieving the body we've longed for all winter! The only problem with this is do we really understand what we are doing or why we must do it for our certain body types? I personally have been struggling for years, following blind advice from 'health' magazines or googling answers that just don't help my situation. So what has changed this year compared to last year that has helped me progress far more than ever before?

11 July 2016

Are You Crowd Surf Ready? with Gymbox + Stubhub!

   With festival season now in full swing, I was lucky enough to be invited along to trial one of Gymbox's new summer fitness classes, in association with Stubhub, called Crowd Surf Ready. Now I don't know about you, but I had never previously visited a Gymbox before, so I was more than excited to receive this chance & to trial the gym itself as well as the class. 

6 July 2016

The 14 Day Tea Challenge - How to Teatox Like a Boss! #BeGoodToYou

   With so many teatox promises out there, today I wanted to share with you how I like to teatox, for the ultimate results & why I do it! So lets start with why first... Nothing can beat a clean diet & hard work when it comes to achieving your goals, but I believe that you should be healthy from the inside out. So once every 2-3 months I like to add a detox to my fitness regime, to cleanse my body of all the bad toxins & excess water weight. Think of it as starting afresh! Now I'm not saying I eat a strictly clean diet - I do get sidetracked once in a while - or that I am forever binging, but whatever stage you are at, a tetox will help to flush out all the unwanted toxins.

28 June 2016

Get Fit With Davina - The Ultimate Guide + End Review!

   So I have completed Davina's 5 weeks of clean eating & exercising! Plus an extra week of my own choosing. Did I learn anything from the experience? I learnt how to eat even healthier & how great you feel for it. I've learnt a routine that's perfect for me, to continue with a healthier lifestyle. Plus I've discovered some great recipes that I will use again & again! Did the program deliver what it promised? For me, I'd say yes. I wanted to feel stronger & leaner & I do; best of all I understand why I do & how to continue my progress. So here is my ultimate break down of the Get Fit With Davina experience...

16 June 2016

It's Cupcake Day! Matcha Cupcake Recipe

   Happy Cupcake Day! To help you celebrate a (guilt free) cupcake day, I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite new recipes, from Iron Chef Shellie! They taste delicious, look stunning & they contain all the goodness of a cup of green tea!

14 June 2016

Eat Clean, Shop Cleaner? 6 Steps to Making Your Gym Kit as Clean as Your Diet! With Sundried Apparel

   These days, we treat our bodies with such care, paying close attention to what we put into it, so we can be the strongest, healthiest versions of ourselves. But have we considered paying as much attention to what we are inhaling on a daily basis? With the levels of air pollution rising dramatically, imagine the damage it is having on our 'clean bodies'! And what would you say if I was to tell you that the fashion industry has the second largest carbon footprint? And here's why...

10 June 2016

5 Steps to Bikini Confidence This Summer! With Kendall + Kylie Swimwear

   I don't mean to be repping the Jenner/Kardashian clan, but HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW KENDALL & KYLIE SWIMWEAR AT TOPSHOP?!? I have been searching long & hard for a new bikini for the summer, only to buy 2 within an hour of seeing their collection! And why? Not because of the celebrity connotations, but because of their strong, confident cuts & how complimentary they are to the female form, without trying to hard. Seeing the girls radiate confidence in their new line, made me reflect on just how far I've come, since last year, to achieve true body confidence. And here's how I did it...

7 June 2016

Week 5.1 - Clean Eating My Way to Bikini Confidence with Get Fit With Davina

   Despite the fact I was travelling on 6 days last week, from Oxfordshire to Kent to Surrey to Cornwall & back to Surrey, I planned in such detail that I think I was drove everyone around me crazy! HOWEVER, by planning exactly what I would be eating, depending on whether I could cook or was travelling, it was one of my cleanest weeks so far & was far easier than expected. So there's no excuse for me in the future!!! Here's a break down of what I ate last week...

Bank Holiday's, Busy Lifestyle & Keeping on Track - Week 5 on Get Fit With Davina

   The program is really feeling more like a lifestyle now, rather than just a 5 week thing - which was one of Davina's aims, to encourage healthier long term habits. It has become much easier for me to eat mainly clean food throughout the day & I am really enjoying just how much I can eat of the right things, without blowing up my macros. So here's a quick breakdown of my meals from last week:

27 May 2016

Fitness Friday: #InShapeMyShape with Women's Health

"Healthy isn't a one size fits all concept!" Women's Health
   With summer approaching, the majority of us women will be panicking over achieving the pinterest perfect '#BikiniBody'. Well this year, I am here with Women's Health to tell you to stop! After a worrying study showed that over 74% of women judge other women's bodies (as well as our own), it is time for a much needed shake up of social perception. It's time for a new age of #SummerHappiness & #BikiniConfidence instead.

23 May 2016

Clean Eating, Weight Training + Progress - Week 4 on Get Fit with Davina

The Food
   I am over half way through now & have already found that eating cleaner is making me feel fantastic & lean! My energy levels have balanced themselves out & I am no longer craving sugar quite like I was to begin with, so I can really feel the progress. I am finding my eating habits during the weekend - when I'm not following the meal plan - are a lot more concious & am making healthier decisions overall. I find that knowing I will be eating normally (75% healthy 25% treats) over the weekend keeps me on track with the diet plan, as I know I have a little treat to look forward to. So here's a break down of last weeks meal plan...

16 May 2016

7 Day Meal Prep & Exercise Plan - Get Fit With Davina Week 3

My WEEK 2 Review
The Food
   I am starting to get used to the program now; my body is no longer feeling tired from where I have cut down on sugars, instead I am feeling more energized & a lot happier with the cleaner eating. I am however still having to add extras to allow my body enough energy for working out. As for the meals...

8 May 2016

What I Ate This Week - Get Fit With Davina Week 1 Review & Week 2 Meal Prep!

   Overall, so far so good. I have been following the program for 5 days, with 2 days off, allowing me to eat normally (about 80% clean food, 20% treats) & include a slightly indulgent cheat meal. I already feel a lot leaner & a lot less bloated thanks to all the clean food. The menu's kept me full & I even found I did not need both snacks during the day. The exercise however was not challenging enough for my level of fitness, so I added more to it.

2 May 2016

Let's Get Fit With Davina - Review & 4 Weeks Free!!!

   Summer is approaching & although the '#BikiniBody' has been truly shunned this year (and quite rightly, we are all unique), I don't believe '#BikiniConfidence' is going anywhere. After all, there is always that trouble area that we wish we could tweak - even if no one else sees it - & I don't believe that it's a vanity thing, it's a confidence thing! We all wish to have that bikini confidence so that we can wear what we want, enjoy the summer weather & have fun without having to worry about our body hangs up - we just want to be care free! So when I was approached by Davina's team, I decided to grasp the chance of finally achieving my bikini confidence this summer! And I hope that some of you will join me in this journey, with a 4 Weeks Free Trial!

29 April 2016

Fitness Friday: Manuka Honey - Recipes, Review & Giveaway!

   Manuka Honey has been hitting the headlines recently as the next superfood - we all know who's using it & what they use it for, but do we really know what Manuka Honey is & what sets it apart from other honeys? Well I teamed up with Holland & Barrett's Smoothie Challenge to sample the honey for myself & to bring you recipes, an honest review & your chance to get your hands on some Manuka Honey to try too!
So What is Manuka Honey?
   An aromatic & rich honey, sourced from bees foraging from New Zealand's Manuka bush - a.k.a. the tea tree - with over 4 times the nutritional content compared to that of regular honey. It is referred to as 'active' honey, due to it's naturally powerful antibacterial strength, which can be measured by it's Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating - the higher the rating, the greater the bacterial activity. As well as it's proven health benefits, it is also nutritionally rich in Amino Acids, B Vitamins, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium & Zinc!

22 April 2016

Fit Tip Friday: Eating Healthy on a Budget

   It is a pure myth that eating healthy has to cost more - one that we tell ourselves when in the frozen section hovering over the £1 chicken dippers... Well guess what, while they are cheaper than the chicken breast, I can guarantee you'll soon be reaching for snacks, as the lack of nutrition will have left you feeling sapped of energy & craving more -  costing your overall night of eating a lot more than the chicken breasts. So here are my top 7 tips for how to eat healthy on a budget...
   One of the biggest complaints I hear is how expensive meat & fish can be, to then hear they're shopping in Waitrose... Now Waitrose is great if you can afford it, but if you're on a budget, why not get more food for your money in a cheaper supermarket?! I used to hate being dragged around Lidl as a kid, but now I've discovered how cheap the meat, fish, fruit & veg is there, I love it!

19 April 2016

A Royal Style Diary: Kate, India & Bhutan 2016

   If, like me, you've caught any news this week, you'll have found it hard to miss Kate's regular appearances. And like me, you may have also found it hard to turn your attention away from her amazing array of colourful & beautifully detailed dresses. Whether it is the designer within me noticing the beautiful craftsmanship of these garments, or perhaps just their eye-catching prints, I feel the need to share with you Kate's celebration of Eastern meets Western style on her 2016 tour of India & Bhutan.

11 April 2016

8 Tips for Surviving Final Year Fashion

   With deadlines looming for all third year uni students, this third and final term is vital. And I know from experience that it can sometimes feel like an impossibility that you will ever finish in time! But I'm here to reassure you, as now a fashion graduate, that you can AND will survive the work & that you will celebrate harder than ever before when it is done. So here are my 8 Do's & 8 Don'ts for a fail safe third year...
8 Do's
1. Schedule sleep & eat well
One of the biggest mistakes in third year is taking these two things for granted. We have all done it! Make sure you schedule a time AND STICK TO IT for these important things. You may only be getting 6hrs sleep per night, but that is better than a week of all nighters & one ready meal per day!

26 March 2016

Healthy Treat - High Protein Dark Chocolate Easter Nest Cake

   During this holiday of chocolatey temptations and indulgence, how do you stay on track with all your training goals? Personally, a controlled cheat snack keeps my cravings at bay, but in case you are in need of something a little extra, here's my Easter gift to you - my recipe for a high protein, nutritional Easter nest cake!
   You will need:

15 March 2016

Introducing: SICKLY SWEET SUBURBIA the Fashion Film

   I am VERY excited to reveal to you the Fashion Film to go with my Graduate Collection - Sickly Sweet Suburbia!!! I was extremely lucky to work with a great production team over the summer to create this film - one of whom was a friend from college - this film really demonstrates the power of creative collaborations. They completely grasped my twisted suburban concept & ran with it. So sit back & I hope you enjoy! And let me know what you think...

27 February 2016

SKINNY SPRINKLES - An Honest Review & Your Chance to WIN!

   So recently I was lucky enough to sample the wonder that is Skinny Sprinkles - a very pink product that helps you stay snack free for longer! A few months a go I would have been their ideal target - I was working from home, constantly getting peckish in-between meals & low on energy. Now however, I am commuting daily & eat a well balanced dinner at lunch instead, to save time & to keep me full - meal prep all the way (blog post to come)!!! However during my trial week, I still found the sprinkles came in handy to give me that mid morning boost of energy & get my mind off of my lunch at 10am! So here is my honest review of my week with Skinny Sprinkles!

16 January 2016

New Year, New You? 5 Gym Tips to Help You Keep Your Resolutions!!!

1. Change Your Fitness Routine & Then Change it Again!!! Like you, your body gets bored of doing the same thing during every gym session & thus becoming less effective. Try rotating new routines & trying a new workout you've seen - not only will you start enjoying being back at the gym, but you'll also feel the benefits!