14 September 2017

7 Motivational Quotes I Live By | How They've Changed My Life & Fitness Journey

7 Motivation Quotes I Live By - How They've Changed My Life & Fitness Journey - eat clean healthy balanced diet, meal prep
This article doesn't really need an introduction - it is what it's titled. Since starting my fitness journey, I have picked up a few quotes that have really changed my life for the better. So I thought I would share them, in the hope they could do the same for you!
1. Today Is A New Day, Don't Let Your Past Experiences Effect Your Present  -  I used to be such a sucker for this, always dwelling on what I hadn't done & letting it drag down what I could be doing. Now, if I've had a slip up or an unproductive day, I will leave it in the past & think positive thoughts about what I can do tomorrow instead. It really helps!

2. Junk Food You Wanted for an Hour, vs the Body You Wanted for Years? You Choose  -  I don't really like the harsh tone of this, BUT this was the turning point of my fitness journey. It made me wake up & realise if I really wanted to achieve my goals, I had to show discipline. Now that didn't mean no treats at all, just really limiting them down!

3. It's Easy When You're Motivated. It's What You Do on the Other Days That Defines Your Success  -  This one rarely fails to get my ass in the gym! If I want to achieve my goals, I have to be prepared to work for them. Goals don't care if you're tired, or have had a bad day - you have to push past that. It's that determination that will create success. I also look at my favourite Youtubers & think, if they can travel on a 12hr flight, find time for social media & work out at 11pm, what is my excuse?!? Tough love really does get me to the gym..

4. Empowered Women Empower Women  -  And empowered men too! Basically encouraging, empowering & supporting others will not diminish your own success or achievements. If anything it boosts you happiness & motivates you further. So go on, champion the people around you!

5. Eat Better Not Less  -  So important! I now have such a healthy relationship with food because I understand nutrition & know what my body needs. If you need a starting point, check out posts on how to meal prep, a guide to macros & the not so healthy snacks to watch out for. One of the biggest things I've learnt, is how much I can eat & still be within my macros, be fully energised & be loosing fat too! Plus I have learnt the more muscle I gain, that more food I can eat... now that's motivation itself!

6. You Will Never Always Be Motivated, You Have to Learn to be Disciplined  -  Similar to number 3, but this one has inspired me throughout all aspects of my life. It encourages me to always push on with work, even if I'm tired, because I know hard work pays off. Once you find that discipline, the motivation will also kick back in.

7. Nothing Worth Having Ever Came Easy  -  One of the most recent ones I have come across. It's true - you have to hustle for the dream. You think your inspirations got where they are today by not putting in the work? No. If they can put in the effort, so can I.
7 Motivation Quotes I Live By - How They've Changed My Life & Fitness Journey - keep puching forward
I hope, like me, you've been able to really connect with at least one of these quotes. Go on - put in into action! Remember, keep looking & pushing forward! For more motivation, check out my Instagram & Pinterest links bellow!


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