16 December 2016

6 Ways I Balance Indulgence & Fitness over Chritsmas

   Christmas is one of my favourite times of year - the magical decorations, the time spent with loved ones & of course THE FOOD! But with so much delicious temptation about, it's hard not to over-indulge now & worry about it later. Or there's the other route - be super strict, avoid all temptation, stay fit & not necessarily enjoy Christmas fully. Neither sound like the best idea to me! So that's why I thought I'd share with you my plan for this Christmas - how I intend to both enjoy my festive favourites & stay lean throughout.
1. GUILT This is the first & most crucial point to address. If you feel guilty every time you eat a mince pie, that needs to change. This negativity will only drag you down. If you work hard, see that mince pie as a reward instead. For example, if you train hard & eat healthy 90% of the year, a few festive treats won't hurt. Equally that doesn't give you the excuse to over indulge for the entirety of December. That brings us onto my next point...

14 December 2016

Your Body Was Made to Move - Q&A with Matthew Miller

   Following yesterday's post on the importance of taking care of your body, in order to keep active, I've asked former bodybuilder & creator of Broga - Matthew Miller - his advice on the topic. Though only a short Q&A, he offers invaluable advice on how to stay fit & the importance of yoga when caring for your body!

13 December 2016

Your Body Was Made to Move - Exercise & Supplement Guide

   It is remarkable really, just what our bodies are capable of doing! But do we truly make the most of it? Be it a gentle stroll or a hardcore HIIT session, exercise of any kind is fantastic for our bodies. And as long as we challenge our own personal bests, we continue to reap the rewards. However, despite the benefits of frequent exercise, it can cause increased stress on our joints. So I went to go & meet with the team at Solgar to discuss exactly what can be done to keep our bodies as healthy as our lifestyle!