27 May 2016

Fitness Friday: #InShapeMyShape with Women's Health

"Healthy isn't a one size fits all concept!" Women's Health
   With summer approaching, the majority of us women will be panicking over achieving the pinterest perfect '#BikiniBody'. Well this year, I am here with Women's Health to tell you to stop! After a worrying study showed that over 74% of women judge other women's bodies (as well as our own), it is time for a much needed shake up of social perception. It's time for a new age of #SummerHappiness & #BikiniConfidence instead.

23 May 2016

Clean Eating, Weight Training + Progress - Week 4 on Get Fit with Davina

The Food
   I am over half way through now & have already found that eating cleaner is making me feel fantastic & lean! My energy levels have balanced themselves out & I am no longer craving sugar quite like I was to begin with, so I can really feel the progress. I am finding my eating habits during the weekend - when I'm not following the meal plan - are a lot more concious & am making healthier decisions overall. I find that knowing I will be eating normally (75% healthy 25% treats) over the weekend keeps me on track with the diet plan, as I know I have a little treat to look forward to. So here's a break down of last weeks meal plan...

16 May 2016

7 Day Meal Prep & Exercise Plan - Get Fit With Davina Week 3

My WEEK 2 Review
The Food
   I am starting to get used to the program now; my body is no longer feeling tired from where I have cut down on sugars, instead I am feeling more energized & a lot happier with the cleaner eating. I am however still having to add extras to allow my body enough energy for working out. As for the meals...

8 May 2016

What I Ate This Week - Get Fit With Davina Week 1 Review & Week 2 Meal Prep!

   Overall, so far so good. I have been following the program for 5 days, with 2 days off, allowing me to eat normally (about 80% clean food, 20% treats) & include a slightly indulgent cheat meal. I already feel a lot leaner & a lot less bloated thanks to all the clean food. The menu's kept me full & I even found I did not need both snacks during the day. The exercise however was not challenging enough for my level of fitness, so I added more to it.

2 May 2016

Let's Get Fit With Davina - Review & 4 Weeks Free!!!

   Summer is approaching & although the '#BikiniBody' has been truly shunned this year (and quite rightly, we are all unique), I don't believe '#BikiniConfidence' is going anywhere. After all, there is always that trouble area that we wish we could tweak - even if no one else sees it - & I don't believe that it's a vanity thing, it's a confidence thing! We all wish to have that bikini confidence so that we can wear what we want, enjoy the summer weather & have fun without having to worry about our body hangs up - we just want to be care free! So when I was approached by Davina's team, I decided to grasp the chance of finally achieving my bikini confidence this summer! And I hope that some of you will join me in this journey, with a 4 Weeks Free Trial!