5 April 2018


40 Day of Clean Eating - My Lean for Lent Results - toned, muscle, weight loss, diet, abs
As you may recall, last year I gave up cheat meals, ate clean & stuck within my macros for lent. And as I got so much from it, I decided to do it again! This year was a little different however. As I'd been bulking over the winter & consuming on average 300 calories more per day, I used this lent to help slowly reduce my calories back down to their maintain level, whilst eating clean & avoiding all cheats. And I'm proud to say I stayed strong for another 40 days!

But what have I learnt through this process?

And what have I gained?

For one, I've learnt a lot about how strong will & determination can overcome my food cravings! And that after only a week, it got a lot easier to eat cleaner.

My taste buds also become a lot more intense. I guess by reducing sugar, flavourings & general rubbish in my diet, my taste buds became a lot more fine tuned. This meant that even plain foods - such as chicken or plain toast - tasted a lot more exciting.

As for my strength? As I have kept up the weight training & kept pushing my strength, I have managed to maintain (and in some areas even increase) my strength & keep my muscle mass gained from the bulk.

I also feel a lot healthier, more energised & more comfortable in my body when eating well. The knowledge that you're looking after your body is quite empowering & makes your glow inside & out.

And finally, body fat percent... I have definitely noticed a difference, in terms of leaning out & seeing a little more muscle definition than before. I have started to loose some of the fat that was gained during my bulk & that motivates me even further to continue with this journey.

But the main thing I enjoy about this is the challenge & the chance to restart & refresh my diet & eating habits. To anyone considering eating cleaner & giving up cheat meals, I would 100% recommend trying it for 40 days - even if it isn't lent!!! It becomes a lot easier after the first couple of weeks & you gain so much from doing so. So if you would like any tips on how to get started do reach out! What are you waiting for?!?


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