4 January 2018

Looking Forward | Creating New Goals & Coping With Stress in 2018

2018, new years resolutions, new goals, fitness, health, stress, anxiety
What a year 2017 was!!! Personally, I think it has been the year I have grown the most & progressed - new jobs, new passions & growing up ever more! However, it didn't come easy. You might have noticed a lack of me in the last couple of weeks & that's because the last fortnight of 2017 has been rather tough for me. I've had family in & out of hospital, needing more care & attention from the ones around them, my cat went missing & I've been pretty ill - which I think was down to stress. So something, my blog, had to give a little!

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you all to know it is OK to have a break at times! That sometimes, circumstances change & you have to step back from your goals & plans. If that prevents you from becoming overwhelmed & run down with stress, it is important to take time out for you. Your goals will still be there to chase when you're feeling stronger!

Another key bit of advice? Do not dwell on the past! It can't be changed, look to the future & stay positive!

With that all in mind, I am so ready to kick start 2018 with my new goals, ambitions & resolutions. Not sure what your New Years Resolutions are yet? Well have a read of Well Being & Fitness Goals - How to Reassess. Here are my 2018 goals...

1. S T R E S S   |   I am such a big stress head! I think this is partially because I set my standards quite high & try to squeeze in too much. So this year, I want to let go of anything out of my control & try to fit in a little more me time. Easier said than done, but I am really going to try!

2. B E   M O R E   L I K E   K I M M Y   S C H M I D T   |   Not only am I a stress head, I can also be a bit of a negative Nancy! So I really want to flip that upside down & be more positive about everything. Ever seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? If not, go binge! I would love to be that happy & positive about life. So mission positive mindset is ago!

2018, new years resolutions, new goals, fitness, health, happiness, positive, kimmy schmidt,
3. B L O G   B L O G   B L O G   |   I've been running this fitness blog for a year now, but I am ready to take this up a notch. It's time to research, draw up a plan & start developing. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see in the future, please let me know :)

4. I N V E S T   I N   M Y   F U T U R E   |   My boyfriend & I are aiming to take the first steps to getting on to the property ladder. We have a lot of research to do & more saving, but this is such a focus of mine this year. It's time to save, save, save!!! Very exciting.

5. R E A S S E S   M Y   F I T N E S S   G O A L S   |   This year I really want to challenge myself! I am quite happy with my diet, so these goals will be mainly gym based - such as my short term goals - to squat 75kg, build upper body strength, be able to do 5 consecutive unassisted pull ups. But I also want to find something to train for this year - a charity event, an assault course challenge or a competition of some sorts - something to really challenge myself & focus my mind.

2018, new years resolutions, new goals, fitness, health, gym, weight trainging, bodybuilding, weight loss, abs
I would love to hear what you have in store for 2018! Remember, the new year is a great time to look forward & start afresh - so don't waste the opportunity. Stay positive, stay inspired & stay committed & 2018 will be your year to shine!


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