14 December 2017

5 Ways to Help Someone this Christmas | For as Little as £1!

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Christmas is the time for love & joy, to be celebrated amongst family & friends. But for some, Christmas is just another day; another day of loneliness, another day of surviving. So this Christmas, I ask you to look past the commercialisation that Christmas has become & embrace the side of caring for one another. Whether it is a little gesture, close to home or a huge one, just help somebody in need this holiday! Share the love!

Not sure where to begin? Where here's a couple of ideas, starting from as little as £1!

A   H O T   M E A L
Imagine how tough it must be, sleeping on the streets during this time of year? It is freezing! Or perhaps if you are home alone, you can't afford the heating bill & you rarely go out. Giving the gift of a hot meal & a little company can brighten somebodies day! Buy a couple of foil trays, to keep the food warm & plastic cutlery - which you can pick up so cheap from any £1 shop. Meal ideas? Try to go for something nutritious & filling; think slow cooker foods. Perhaps chicken casserole or risotto. Or perhaps a chilli for under £1 per serving? Head to your nearest Lidl or Aldi & cook this up in a wok!
Ingredients (serves 10):

  • 1kg Brown Rice - very filling, brown to prevent discomfort / bloating - £0.15 / portion
  • 350g Mince - 1 packet, full fat, adds flavour, inexpensive - £0.30 / portion
  • Veg - Here you can really add cheap, filling, nutritious bulk! Include your onion, then add whatever you feel. Peas, carrots, pepper, tomatoes. Also try canned or frozen to be able to buy more with your budget - £0.25 / portion
  • 2 Cans Kidney Beans - 33p from my shop for a can; a great, cheap way to bulk up a meal & is a great source of protein - £0.07 / portion
  • 2 Cans Tomatoes - Another cheap ingredient, that is full of flavour! £0.10 / portion
  • Chilli Con Carne Seasoning - Buy brand own; this will supply so much flavour! £0.10 / portion

S H O E B O X   A P P E A L
Help Someone at Chritsmas, Charity, Joy, shoe box appeal, children
These are great! They're fun to do & will bring so much joy to someone at Christmas! There are loads of charities to chose from too. My primary school used to do an appeal for Children abroad - think toys, toiletries & winter woolies. There are also ones for the elderly in your community, who may not have many around them this Christmas - think of things that might bring a smile to their face - music, biscuits, films, something to keep them warm or something to help them reminisce their childhoods. And finally, there are shoe box appeals for the homeless - try to think of items that will provide lasting comfort, perhaps warm clothes, flask, a book for a bit of distraction & toiletries.

W I N T E R   W A R M E R S
I can not imagine how hard it must be to sleep on the street, especially in the winter! If you know of someone, gather up any spare coats, jumpers, hats, scarves, gloves & even sleeping bags, & offer them out. Maybe even accompanied with a hot drink in a flask. However much you can help, this will make a difference to somebody!

F E E D   A   F U R R Y   F R I E N D
Help Someone at Chritsmas, Charity, Joy, Pet Food Drive,
You may have spotted collection boxes at supermarkets, to help feed animals in shelters over Christmas. Every little donation will help! So add just 1 can of cat / dog food to your shopping & donate each week. It won't cost a lot. Alternatively, look closer to home, with the nature that surrounds you. Winter can be a particularly tough time for wildlife, so do what you can! Provide safe shelter, provide clean drinking water (& make sure it doesn't ice over) & provide a little food - whether it be for birds, the fox, or even the tom cat that never seems to go home! Not all animals hibernate! For advice, check out wildlife organisations for tips.

B U Y   A   T O Y
Just like the collections for animal food in supermarkets, you get similar collection boxes for toys. These will then go to the children who need the joy the most! Whether it be children with no family, children abroad with so little, or the tough cookies, who have been through so much, they just need something to remind them to smile. After all, how much extra does a toy cost, to add to your shopping list?

If everyone gave a little back this Christmas, there would be a lot more smiles & joy for the people who need it the most. No matter how big or small, your gift will be very much appreciated :)


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