26 October 2017

What I Eat in a Day | Starting my Lean Bulk

What I Eat in a Day - Lean Bulk, Girly Gains, Carbs, Protein, Balanced diet, Meal plan, Meal prep
A quick but insightful post this week - I wanted to share with you exactly what my current day of eating looks like, as I begin my lean bulk. But not just to give meal ideas, mainly to show just how much good food you can eat in a day & still be healthy & still love the food you're eating! I'm currently building up to a calorie surplus, so all this food you see here, is only about 50 cals over my daily allowance! I want you all to feel comfortable around food & embrace eating carbs, snacking 4 times a day & not giving a toss what people think, because you know how to be healthy for your body & your goals!
A big thing that helped me with my relationship with food, was understanding my macros - what their purpose was in a day & how they could help fuel my workouts. To learn more on macros, check out my post 'Master Your Macros'. I then create a weekly meal plan & track my macros once a week, so I know I'm on track, without countig every single day. So note, this meal plan's portion sizes are tailored to me & works for me - you might need to increase or decrease your portion sizes depending on you!

My Daily Macros this Week

Calories   2,098   |   Carbs   191   |   Sugars   57   |   Fat   68   |   Protein   155

What I Eat in a Day - Lean Bulk, Girly Gains, Meal Plan, Overnight Oats, Breakfast, Macros
Meal Plan

B R E A K F A S T   |   Porridge & Green Tea
50g Oats   +   150ml Coconut Milk

Homemade Cappuccino   +   3 Nairns Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits

L U N C H   |   Chicken Pesto Pasts & Black Coffee
60g Wholemeal Pasta   +   100g Chicken Breast   +   40g Peas   +   50g Tomatoes   +   Handful of Spinach   +   1 tsp Pesto

Black Coffee   +   Banana   +   20g Peanut Butter

D I N N E R   |   Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon on Toast & Green Tea
2 Large Eggs, scrambled with 25ml Milk   +   50g Smoked Salmon   +   1 slice Wholemeal Bread   separately on the side   100g Cottage Cheese   +   1 square of Dark Chocolate

P O S T   G Y M   S N A C K
Tuna can   +   1 tbsp Light Salad Cream

250ml Milk   +   4 Mini Peanut Butter Kit Kats   +   150g Icelandic Natural Yogurt

What I eat in a day - lean bulk, girly gains, meal plan, breakfast, dinner, high protein
I hope this has inspired you, to know that you can still enjoy your food & be healthy at the same time! Plus its all tasty food, that will keep you full & prevent your cravings all day. This week's meal plan, I am hitting protein, fats & carbs - perfect for the start of my bulk. If you have any questions or ideas, give me a shout - I'd love to hear them. See you next week!


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