20 July 2017

The Perfect Split | Never Miss a Workout

The Perfect Workout Split - Never Miss A Workout - Workout Plan - Motivation Get Fit - Gym Workout
You have your workouts perfectly planned for the week, but mid week comes, your tired & you decide to miss a day. It can be one of the most frustrating things about working out & one of the most detrimental, if you're the type to feel guilty about missing a workout. It can really effect your motivation for the rest of the week! Not only that, but if you keep missing a certain day - for example leg day or back day - then you're strength & results will be a lot weaker in those areas.
Well don't threat any longer - I have a solution! One that I have been following for the past 18 months, which has insured I have never missed a workout day. Not even once! And this is how...
Instead of working on your traditional Monday is legs, Tuesday is shoulders & triceps, Wednesday is rest day... & so on, I work on a continuous rota, rather than specifying the days. So even if I don't feel like working out one day, I know the workout will carry forward to the next day, without needing to miss a certain workout. It's 100% flexible to my life, which in turn means I am less likely to become disheartened when I do take a random day off, which encourages my motivation to always be right up there!
The Perfect Workout Split - Never Miss A Workout - Workout Plan - Motivation Get Fit - Cara Loren
So without further a do, here is my workout split:
   DAY 1 - Abs (High intensity. 10-15 reps, minimal rest) & 15mins HIIT Cardio
   DAY 2 - Upper Body: Shoulders & Triceps (10-12 rep range.)
   DAY 3 - Lower Body: Legs (Concentrating on strength & building muscle. 6-12 reps.)
   DAY 4 - Upper Body: Chest & Biceps (10-12 rep range.)
   DAY 5 - Abs (10-15 reps, like day 1) & 15mins HIIT Cardio
   DAY 6 - Lower Body: Glutes & Calves (6-12 rep range.)
   DAY 7 - Upper Body: Back (8-12 rep range.)
No rest day noted down? That's because I pick & chose when to take one, according to my body's needs. I do aim to workout around 5 times a week however - preferably 6! I then rotate this spilt, so that I never miss a certain workout - which keeps my fitness level in ratio throughout my body.
As for the reps - Core I work with a high rep range, with minimal rest, followed by HIIT cardio, to keep my heart rate up, to help tone & burn stored fat. I then aim to increase strength & muscle in my lower body, so am working to a lower rep range, with heavier weights, to really challenge myself. And upper body is somewhere in between, which the rep range shows. You don't have to follow my rep range, but it is what works for my goals!

The Perfect Workout Split - Never Miss A Workout - Workout Plan - Motivation Get Fit - Outside Workout
I then like to include a 15 min HIIT cardio session after abs & sometimes even superset my upper body workouts with a minute of high intensity - such as skipping, boxing, burpies etc. Because abs & to some extend upper body aren't being challenged as much as I challenge myself on leg day, I can build in a bit of cardio, not only to burn through fat but also to condition my heart & endurance.
My workouts always end with a relaxing 10-15mins of yoga. I don't follow anything particular here, but I have picked up a few moves over time, so at this point, it's just time to focus on some lovely deep stretching & calm breathing. Plus yoga is great for increasing flexibility - something needed especially after leg day!! It also helps to elongate muscles & encourage a better posture. So win win!

The Perfect Workout Split - Never Miss A Workout - Workout Plan - Motivation Get Fit - Cara Loren Home Workout
So that is my workout split. It works so well for me, because I never feel any pressure if I need to take a rest day. I know I don't need to workout a certain thing on certain days only, which keeps my motivation on a high, because that pressure is lifted! And this idea doesn't just have to be for weight training - it can work for any exercise. Just instead of saying Monday is cardio, Tuesday is yoga etc, try Day 1, Day 2... & rotate that routine. Less pressure = more motivation = more likely to workout. So stay positive & see you next week!



  1. I love this idea! I also really like that you've included photos throughout your post. Doing yoga after a workout is something I've never done but will consider it!

    1. Hi Bea! Glad you like it! I would 100% recommend yoga after your workout, it helps relax your body so much & makes you muscles lovely & lean. Plus it helps reduce muscle soreness the next day - so you can get back on it! haha