8 June 2017

Spice Up Your Protein | 5 Tricks to Increase Your Intake + High Protein Salad Recipe

High Protein Simple Easy Scrambled Egg Breakfast Lunch Dinner Recipe Eat Clean
Two years ago, when I started my journey into weight training, the only thing that came to mind when I thought of protein was either a shake or a piece of chicken. These days, you can't go anywhere without reading the phrase 'high protein'. Although it makes some decisions easier, it can also be misleading. For example ready meals that are 'high protein' are only high for their portion size, not high in terms of reaching your daily intake. Or protein bars or cereal, that are additionally high in sugar!
It's times to make life simple again! Here are my go to 5 tricks for increasing my protein intake on a daily basis, that are both easy & don't put me out of pocket...
  1. Protein Porridge | Instead of buying expensive high protein cereal, try mixing protein powder into what you already eat, for example, into porridge. Either try plain or add a flavour, such as chocolate. Protein powder may seem expensive, but there is usually good offers on & it goes a long way, making it far cheaper than high protein cereal!
  2. Cottage Cheese | Or mozzarella cheese - both very high in protein for their portion size & low in fat. Cottage cheese can be eaten with your lunch - or I like to eat it on it's own - while the mozzarella can be cooked in to so many dishes.
  3. Haricot Beans | Want to decrease carbs & increase protein? Try adding beans such as haricot, callellini or kidney beans & decreasing the portion of rice or pasta. Vegetables can be a great alternative to carbs such as rice, pastas & potatoes - despite having less carbs, they have enough to maintain energy levels  & are a lot higher in protein. Best of all, they have a very mild taste, so can be used in a lot of recipes.
  4. Icelandic Yogurt | Or Greek... Something high in protein, low in fat. I love to have this as my pudding - whilst increasing my protein intake, I am also decreasing my likely-hood to snack on something naughtier later...
  5. White Fish | White fish can be seriously high in protein & low in fat & carbs, making it almost purely a protein source. Plus it's not as filling as other sources, such as chicken, & it is pretty cheap frozen! Cook it either for a meal, or season with lemon & herbs for a post gym snack.
S U M M E R   C H I C K E N   P A N Z A N E L L A   R E C I P E

High Protein Simple Easy Salad Summer Chicken Panzanella Recipe Eat Clean
Another way I like to up my protein intake, is with a rich, sweet, summer salad. This recipe will smash all stereotypes of 'bland salads'. It's anything but! Plus it's great both hot & cold, meal prepped or cooked fresh. Versatile, just how we like it!
   175g  Chicken Breast
   50g  Tomatoes
   1/4  Red Onion
   1/2  Red Pepper
   1 tbsp  Red Wine Vinegar
   1  Ciabatta Roll
   4 Sprays  Coconut Oil
   1.  Dice & chop all the veg. Fry the onion in the coconut oil, for a couple on minutes. Add the chicken, cooking for 2 mins on high, both sides, then turn to medium until cooked throughout, adding the red wine vinegar, to keep chicken moist inside & golden on the outside. Season with Basil. 
   2.  Add the tomatoes towards the end. Alternatively, veg can be kept raw - it's up to you! 
   3.  Meanwhile, cut the ciabatta in half, toast & then rip into chunks. 
   4.  Toss everything into a bowl & enjoy!

I hope this has given you a few more ideas to try! For more inspiration, check out my social media pages! See you next week! 


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