25 May 2017

Master Your Macros | 7 Things That Have Changed Since Tracking My Macros

Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet eat clean meal plan prep chicken salad protein
I personally find tracking my macros to be a huge help towards eating a balanced diet & progressing with my fitness, even though I only track my macros once a week, when writing my meal plan & shopping list! Since it is such a large part in my fitness journey, I wanted to share with all of you my experience. So to follow last week's post, The Ultimate Stress Free Guide to Counting Your Macros, on how to, this week I wanted to share with you why I track my macros & the real benefits I have noticed since doing so.
Before I get into it though, I want to share with you the main reason I like to track my macros - I CAN EAT SO MUCH FOOD! Because I am eating more of the good stuff! It allows me to eat a lot more than expected & still be under your daily allowance. Plus while I have a calorie deficit (around 200-300 / day), I am still burning fat, despite eating more! Need more convincing to give it a try?

7 Things That Have Changed Since Tracking My Macros
Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet eat clean meal plan prep
1. I know how to make food work for me  |  After a few weeks, you begin to know what foods are healthy & balanced, what are high in certain macros & what you might need to meet your protein goal of the day. Plus with a little bit of knowledge comes curiosity - I have since read more into nutrition & how our body's use each macro. I now understand the goodness in what I'm eating & why I'm eating it. For example, my post workout evening meal, I'll have my chicken - a lean protein source to build & repair my muscles after weight training; a small portion of wholegrain rice - a source of complex carbs for slow release energy, which doesn't bloat me & restores energy to my body post workout, which also helps give my muscles the energy to repair; colourful mixed veg - to get all my vitamins, for example dark leaves like spinach are high in iron. I can now eat a lot more, because I'm eating the good stuff & am balancing my meals.
2. I never feel guilty  |  I now have such a good relationship with food. Before, I'd feel embarrassed to eat something naughty in front of people, for fear of being judged. Now I fully embrace the joy of being a pig! Why? Because I'll have factored that treat into my macros. Because this is my cheat meal. And because what is life without the occasional binge?! The difference now is that I understand my food & feel comfortable around it. There's no more restrictive dieting, because I eat a well balanced diet. For me, macro counting has been a lifestyle change, where I no longer look at food as an indulgence, but as fuel.
Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet Sweet treat cheat meal
3. I reach my goals quicker  |  Now that I can easily see if I'm over eating - or under eating on the stuff I need - I am able to use my food to quicken the progress I'm seeing from the gym. It has helped me loose stubborn fat & has helped me build muscle & build strength. Plus it has given me energy to push for new goals.
4. I've become more experimental  |  Now I have a better understanding for what & how much I can eat, I love toying around with new recipes & meal plans. I have tried so many new meals, foods & spices since tracking my macros.
5. I've said goodbye to cravings  |  By eating regular - 3 meals, 3/4 snacks a day - it keeps my metabolism constant & energy levels up, which ensures I am never hungry. I very rarely feel the urge to have a random snack, overeat or boredom snack, because I am satisfied. That said, if someone offered me cheesecake...
Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet water hydration happy healthy skin
6. I've beaten the bloat!  |  I used to experience bloating after most meals, but now that I am eating a balanced diet, with a lot more natural, clean foods, I rarely bloat & my stomach feels a lot more comfortable after eating too. Obviously cheat meals are an exception, but then I fully embrace my 6 month food baby!
7. I've got more energy  |  Once again, it's down to the regular eating of smaller portions - it allows me to keep my sugar levels at a constant, rather than peaking & dropping all day. This gives me more enthusiasm for the day, more energy & concentration for high intensity workouts & gives me a very peaceful sleep.
Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet eat clean meal plan prep My fitness pal
I would recommend this to anyone - especially if trying to loose a little weight or build muscle. In my opinion it is far better than dieting, paid weight loss groups or restrictive diets - like low carb diets or fasting - as these are all temporary methods. Where as macro counting is a sustainable lifestyle, rather than a temporary fix. So I say give it a go & find out if it's for you! Hope this has been insightful, until next week!


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