27 February 2016

SKINNY SPRINKLES - An Honest Review & Your Chance to WIN!

   So recently I was lucky enough to sample the wonder that is Skinny Sprinkles - a very pink product that helps you stay snack free for longer! A few months a go I would have been their ideal target - I was working from home, constantly getting peckish in-between meals & low on energy. Now however, I am commuting daily & eat a well balanced dinner at lunch instead, to save time & to keep me full - meal prep all the way (blog post to come)!!! However during my trial week, I still found the sprinkles came in handy to give me that mid morning boost of energy & get my mind off of my lunch at 10am! So here is my honest review of my week with Skinny Sprinkles!

   So what does it do? Their main aim is to make you feel fuller for longer, by absorbing water & expanding within our stomachs in order to give the illusion of having just eaten. They also contain vitamins C & B3 to help prevent fatigue & give an energy boost.
   3 of the main benefits: 1. Although this does not directly cause weight loss, it helps prevent snacking & helps you to control portion size, making it easier to loose or maintain weight. 2. The energy boost for me was a real plus, as sometimes you really need the extra kick mid morning! 3. The manganese within helps to break down fatty acids quicker & more efficiently.
   The Taste: 4/5 It has a very sweet strawberry taste, pleasant when mixed with water & similar to squash. Also very pink!
   Feeling fuller for longer: 5/5 It completely dulled the temptation to snack for me, I felt full & focused on my day ahead.
   The energising: 3/5 Although I felt focused & awake all day, I didn't get the same big boost as I do from drinking green tea for example.
   Is it ideal for weight loss? Is it right for me? Yes, if you find it hard to resist snacking or can't cut down on portion size when on a diet. This isn't a magical weight loss sprinkle, but it does keep you fuller for longer, helping to aid a healthy diet & exercise. It is also good for a boost of energy or to help kick start a new diet, but I wouldn't recommend for long term use (over 3 months). 
   Would I use it again? Not currently, as I am on a more natural, healthy balanced diet & am eating my main meal at lunch, which fills me up for the rest of the day & provides me energy all day. However I would keep a few on hand if ever I needed help to resist the snacks, as an occasional boost.
   My Final Review: A great, honest product, which can help kick start a new healthy lifestyle or refuel you when you need a boost. It's strong branding is fun & female friendly & I love their skinny sprinkle recipes online, to help brighten up your diet.
Time to get Creative with Skinny Sprinkles!
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