1 June 2018

Ditch the Carb Cut | Learn How to Swap

Ditch the carb cut - learn how to swap - meal prep, eat clean, cooking, recipe
Is anyone else getting sick & tired of being told what they can't eat?!? It's one thing to say don't each too many sugars, or a pizza every night, but another to completely dirty a whole food group. About 15 years ago it was fat that got dragged through the mud, causing a rise in low fat diets & low fat foods. Now it seems to be carbs! And although the nutritionists have the right idea, I feel their research & knowledge is watered down so much, that it leaves the general public trying to avoid such food groups completely.

I hear more & more people declaring that they're going to ditch the carbs in the attempt of a beach body. This annoys me so much!!! Ditching any food group can never be good for the body & especially not good for your moral. However "low carb" diets are being pushed into are faces more & more, making us believe that carbs are the sole reason we're not reaching our goals.

But our bodies need carbs! They're a primary source of energy. Forget the processed, junk food kind of carbs, I'm talking about natural sources. For example the complex carbs, in the form of whole grains, whole wheats etc, as a fantastic source of slow burning, long lasting energy. Where as your fruits, your simple (naturally) sugary carbs are the ones you might favour pre workout, for that kick start of energy. It's so important to start understanding what different macros can do for your body & how to optimise them, before cutting them!

So if you ditch the carbs you ditch your energy too.

Ditch the carb cut - learn how to swap - meal prep, eat clean, cooking, recipe, chicken panzanella
However there is a element of truth in the low carb diet. A macro ration of higher protein, lower carbs, will indeed help you lean out. But it's all about getting the balance right! Instead of jumping in headfirst & halving your carbs, trying reducing them slowly, until you eventually have a 25 : 35 : 40 split between your carbs : fats : protein.

Then focus on swapping your calorie dense carbs for something a little lighter. As summer draws close, I swap my muffins, bread, pastas & rice for things such as wholemeal pittas, brown wraps, broccoli & cauliflower, caugetti & root veg mash. It works a treat. To get you going, here's a couple of links to some of my favourite lower carb recipes...
Ditch the carb cut - learn how to swap - meal prep, eat clean, cooking, recip, cougetti bolognese
So chin up! Everything in moderation remember & as an easy golden rule, try to stick to  natural, clean foods & you'll go far with your goals!


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