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13 December 2018

Where Have I Been?!? | Wising Up & Body Update

Where Have I Been - Wising Up & Body Update - keeping lean & strong
So I feel like I have dropped off the face of the blogger-sphere! It's not that I don't love doing this - I definitely do - but the last 2 months have just gone in a blink. And with all the good intentions in the world, an early night just seemed the most appealing thing & probably the thing I needed the most.

25 October 2018

Veggie Meal Preps | My 6 Favourite Recipes

Veggie Meal Prep - Eat Clean, Recipe, High Protein, sweet potato, chipotle
To follow on from my last post - 5 Benefits to Ditching the Meat - I wanted to share with you some of my favourite meat free recipes. I know how daunting it felt to me when I began on this journey to eating far less meat, so I want to show you that you can still enjoy some of your favourite meals, just by substituting some of the ingredients! All can be meal prepped, all high protein & all healthy & nutritious! All recipes are for 1 portion, so if you're meal prepping, times it by the amount of days you'd like to prep for!

11 October 2018

Meatless Weekdays | 5 Benifits to Ditching the Meat Midweek

Benifits to ditching the meat midweak, meal prep, eat clean, quorn, vegiterian
Reducing my meat intake has been a long term goal of mine for about a year now - I've never felt good about eating too much meat, but find it very hard when it comes to a drastic change of diet. So, instead of diving straight in, I have slowly been reducing my intake - check out "A Beginners Guide to a Plant Based Diet" to see where I started. Well I'm happy to say, that for about 3 months now, I have been going meatless during the weekdays. And you know what - I haven't noticed much of a difference! So if you're thinking about reducing your meat intake, here's why it is definitely a good idea to give it a go...

1.   I T 'S   C H E A P E R   -   Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Beans, Soy Protein, Quorn... They're all cheaper than buying the equivalent protein intake in meat! I think we get a little blinded by the fact that, for example, a chicken breast can have 30g+ of protein in & see it as the wonder food for all our protein needs. But in reality, a fresh 1kg of chicken, to last the week, can cost you anything from £6 upwards. Whereas, my weekly intake of Quorn only costs around £4 & my Soy Protein, only around £0.40 per serving. So I have definitely noticed a drop in price for my weekly shop!

2.   A N I M A L   F R I E ND L Y   -   The biggest drive for me. I expect a lot of you who eat meat are also animal lovers - which when you say that statement, it doesn't really seem to add up. But in reality, eating meat is the norm in our society & I think a lot of people don't give it a second thought. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't eat meat - I still do at weekends - but I do think it's important that we start giving it a second thought! With the population ever growing, food becoming more convenient & so many new meat related foods available, I think you'd be shocked at how much meat you actually eat in a week. Have a think & maybe try to cut out 1 of those sources a day? After all, it all helps!!!

3.   C A R B O N   F O O T P R I N T   -   Another massive pro! The production of a meat substitute, such as Quorn, is more environmentally friendly & more efficient than meat! For example, Quorn's carbon footprint is 90% less than beef's & 75% less than chicken's footprint. Now to put that in real terms, if your were to eat Quorn instead of meat once a week for a year, that would save enough energy to boil the kettle around 20,000 times - think of all that tea!!!

4.   W E I G H T   L O S S   -   Yes, chicken & white fish are a superb source of lean protein - I don't think we can argue with that! But meat substitutes, such as Quorn, are a strong competitor too, being very low in fat & high in protein. So I'd urge you to give it a go, try substituting it into your favourite dishes - such as spaghetti bolognese, lasagna or curry! And you'll immediately be cutting the fat. 

5.   M A C R O   &   M I C R O   N U T R I E N T S   -   As well as being high in protein & low in fats, Quorn in particular is high in  your dietary fiber - something that meat severely lacks in.

Benifits to ditching the meat midweak, meal prep, eat clean, quorn, vegiterian, jerk seasoning
I know this post is heavily centred around Quorn, however, if like me you think you'd struggle with the transition & are worried about your protein intake, it is definitely one of the foods I would recommend! Making the substitution of chicken & mince to Quorn has been a breeze! But in addition, I also add more kidney beans & peas to all my recipes, to help bulk up the protein intake a little more. So I urge you to give it a try - even just for 1 day a week! Now a little inspiration to know what to cook? Well next time I will be bringing you a few of my favourite meat free recipes! 

20 September 2018

Hitting A Wall | 7 Ways to Knock it Down!

Hitting A Wall - 7 Ways to Knock it Down! Gym, happiness, confidence
We all hit a wall at some point in our lives - be it with fitness, writers block, motivation... it's nothing to be ashamed off. Sometimes a little break from the norm can be just what is needed! But what is important is how you move past it. For me currently, I am tired. I mean exhausted! Long days, squeezing in everything I can & a lot of responsibility. I was in need of a little 'me time' to get me back on track. I've needed a couple of weeks to chill at weekends, have (very) early nights & just take care of myself to refresh. Before that, my enthusiasm for after work workouts was minimal & my head has just been too fuzzy to think - hence no blog posts. But just giving myself a little time - something that is so important for us all - I feel ready to dive back in with enthusiasm & energy!!!

10 August 2018

Ditching the Scales | How I Track Progress

Ditching the Scales, How I Track Progress, happiness, strong, weight loss
So I have not weighed myself in 7 months now!!! Why? Because I hate how a small piece of metal can have such power over how I feel within my body! Yes it's exciting to see progress - like muscle gain - but our bodies fluctuate so much & we can't always expect to have a positive reading. You can't always be dropping a pound a weak! So I decided to reclaim my happiness.

19 July 2018

6 Lazy Meal Preps | With 6 ingredients or less

6 Lazy Meal Preps - With 6 ingredients or less - eat clean, macros, high protein
As some of you might have read, I've been trying to cut down on meat & have been slowly doing so for about a year now! I can now happily say I have eaten no meat Monday-Friday for 3 weeks now! Which is a massive leap from where I was before. So in celebration of this, the recipes bellow show both the veggie option & the regular, as well as their macros. So go on, give a veggie dish a go! 

5 July 2018

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ | 5 Meals & their Macros

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ - 5 Meals & their Macros - Grilled chicken & veg
 'Tis the season for BBQ's! And wouldn't you love endless BBQ's, guilt free, that didn't mess with your diet? Well ditch the white buns & processed meat! Here's a couple of meal ideas - all healthy, some more complex than others - to allow you to BBQ all summer along, whilst aiding your goals...