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20 September 2018

Hitting A Wall | 7 Ways to Knock it Down!

Hitting A Wall - 7 Ways to Knock it Down! Gym, happiness, confidence
We all hit a wall at some point in our lives - be it with fitness, writers block, motivation... it's nothing to be ashamed off. Sometimes a little break from the norm can be just what is needed! But what is important is how you move past it. For me currently, I am tired. I mean exhausted! Long days, squeezing in everything I can & a lot of responsibility. I was in need of a little 'me time' to get me back on track. I've needed a couple of weeks to chill at weekends, have (very) early nights & just take care of myself to refresh. Before that, my enthusiasm for after work workouts was minimal & my head has just been too fuzzy to think - hence no blog posts. But just giving myself a little time - something that is so important for us all - I feel ready to dive back in with enthusiasm & energy!!!

10 August 2018

Ditching the Scales | How I Track Progress

Ditching the Scales, How I Track Progress, happiness, strong, weight loss
So I have not weighed myself in 7 months now!!! Why? Because I hate how a small piece of metal can have such power over how I feel within my body! Yes it's exciting to see progress - like muscle gain - but our bodies fluctuate so much & we can't always expect to have a positive reading. You can't always be dropping a pound a weak! So I decided to reclaim my happiness.

19 July 2018

6 Lazy Meal Preps | With 6 ingredients or less

6 Lazy Meal Preps - With 6 ingredients or less - eat clean, macros, high protein
As some of you might have read, I've been trying to cut down on meat & have been slowly doing so for about a year now! I can now happily say I have eaten no meat Monday-Friday for 3 weeks now! Which is a massive leap from where I was before. So in celebration of this, the recipes bellow show both the veggie option & the regular, as well as their macros. So go on, give a veggie dish a go! 

5 July 2018

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ | 5 Meals & their Macros

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ - 5 Meals & their Macros - Grilled chicken & veg
 'Tis the season for BBQ's! And wouldn't you love endless BBQ's, guilt free, that didn't mess with your diet? Well ditch the white buns & processed meat! Here's a couple of meal ideas - all healthy, some more complex than others - to allow you to BBQ all summer along, whilst aiding your goals...

22 June 2018

Check In | Where I've Been & Where I'm Going

Check In - Where I've been & Where I'm going - growing up, buying a house, DIY
Ahh I feel like the worst blogger in the world of late! Do you ever get so tired that all you want to do is veg out?! I completely lost all my creative juices over the last month! But rest assured, it was all for a very good reason... we only went & brought a house!!! Massive tick off the New Years resolutions list. Still working on the 'be more like Kimmy Schmidt' one... must be more positive!

1 June 2018

Ditch the Carb Cut | Learn How to Swap

Ditch the carb cut - learn how to swap - meal prep, eat clean, cooking, recipe
Is anyone else getting sick & tired of being told what they can't eat?!? It's one thing to say don't each too many sugars, or a pizza every night, but another to completely dirty a whole food group. About 15 years ago it was fat that got dragged through the mud, causing a rise in low fat diets & low fat foods. Now it seems to be carbs! And although the nutritionists have the right idea, I feel their research & knowledge is watered down so much, that it leaves the general public trying to avoid such food groups completely.

18 May 2018

The Summer Shred | The Difference Between Cutting & Cutting Out

The Summer Shred - The Difference Between Cutting & Cutting Out - eat clean, low carb, summer, fresh food
Woah it's been a few weeks, right!?! Blink and that's almost a month gone. But I've been working on something very exciting... Working on one of those New Year resolutions. More to come soon. But in the meantime, let's talk cutting...