25 May 2017

Master Your Macros | 7 Things That Have Changed Since Tracking My Macros

Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet eat clean meal plan prep chicken salad protein
I personally find tracking my macros to be a huge help towards eating a balanced diet & progressing with my fitness, even though I only track my macros once a week, when writing my meal plan & shopping list! Since it is such a large part in my fitness journey, I wanted to share with all of you my experience. So to follow last week's post, The Ultimate Stress Free Guide to Counting Your Macros, on how to, this week I wanted to share with you why I track my macros & the real benefits I have noticed since doing so.

18 May 2017

Master Your Macros | The Ultimate Stress Free Guide to Counting Your Macros

How to count your macros balanced diet healthy clean eating weight loss easy recipe
Now please don't panic! Before I begin, I promise you it is a lot easier than you think & is something I swear by for helping me really push for my goals. It is much like meal prep, a concept that may seem daunting & mystifying at first, but since reading my Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep, you now see how easy & attainable it can be. Well this is the goal for today - Master Your Macros Part One aims to clear up any confusing surrounding macro counting & show you just how easy it can be. Plus next week, in Part Two, I will be sharing with you the benefits I've seen since counting macros.

4 May 2017

Beauty & the Gym | How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout

Beauty & the Gym  How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout Healthy Skin
Now let me clear up one thing, I am no beauty guru! My beauty regime is quite simple compared to others, but I do what works for me. Since going to the gym quite frequently, I have found my skin has developed different requirements. I am now more aware of keeping my skin fresh & pores clean, especially when I sweat, my nails are naturally being put through their paces & my hair is in a ponytail a lot more these days. So I have decided to compile a list of my favourite products & tips that help keep my hair, skin & nails in top condition, even after my hardest of workouts.