4 May 2017

Beauty & the Gym | How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout

Beauty & the Gym  How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout Healthy Skin
Now let me clear up one thing, I am no beauty guru! My beauty regime is quite simple compared to others, but I do what works for me. Since going to the gym quite frequently, I have found my skin has developed different requirements. I am now more aware of keeping my skin fresh & pores clean, especially when I sweat, my nails are naturally being put through their paces & my hair is in a ponytail a lot more these days. So I have decided to compile a list of my favourite products & tips that help keep my hair, skin & nails in top condition, even after my hardest of workouts.

Beauty & the Gym  How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout Nail Care Healthy Nails
M O R N I N G  -  I will always start the day by cleansing my face with my face brush & then toning. It clears out any dirt for the day ahead & gently exfoliates. I then moisturise with an anti ageing cream, as its so gentle but moisturises really well - I specifically like the SPF 15+ creams.
D U R I N G   T H E   D A Y  -  Lemon water & vitamin D are my key ingredients during the day. They keep my body healthy from the inside out.
P R E   W O R K O U T  -  The less make up you wear to the gym the better, as when you sweat, you won't have to worry about make up clogging the pores. But I understand if you might not feel as comfortable doing so & comfort is key! That said, I like to wear a BB cream, mascara & define my eyebrows a little before the gym - it's only a light coverage, but it boosts my confidence 100%.
P O S T   W O R K O U T  -  I will always make sure to remove my make up & have a shower post workout, to clean out the pores & prevent spots. I like to use a scrub on my body a couple of times a week to cleanse the skin. I will then moisturise & massage the muscles, to help with recovery, but to also try to massage out the effects of cellulite & keep skin soft. I finish with a little Sudocrem to heal any spots!
H A I R  -  With my hair tied up a lot & with the increasing number of sweaty workouts, I find a hair mask a great way to revive my hair & keep it nourished & strong. I will then only wash it every other day, to prevent washing out all the natural oils!
N A I L S  -  I find I have very week nails at times! So have started taking vitamin D, as I'm pretty sure I don't get enough, since I work indoors all day. I have then started using a Barry M conditioning Mani Mask as a base coat to try to strengthen my nails. I also frequently use hand cream, as weight lifting can be extremely wearing on hands.
B E D T I M E  -  I will end the day as I began - with a clean face! It will be cleansed & moisturised, with a hydrating moisturiser, such as The Hero Project's Hyasoft.
Beauty & the Gym  How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout Healthy Hair Care
My Beauty Favourites
Garnier Skin Active Ultra Lift SPF 15 Face Cream - I love how moisturising this is without being heavy or too oily!
The Hero Project Hyasoft Moisturiser - A fantastic, ethical brand.
Facial Cleansing Brush
Sudocrem - Such an overlooked beauty product. Gets rid of spots in days & have used it since I was little.
Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner - Smells nice (unlike some), no nasty streaks & easy peasy.
Neutrogena Visibly Renew Elasti-Boost Body Lotion - Over time I have spent too much on 'anti-cellulite' products, only to find the best things to fight it is diet, hydration, exercise & foam rolling. In addition, this product is fantastic to massage into the skin, it evens the skin tone far better than expensive products & keeps the rest of the body beautifully hydrated.
Original Source Shower Gel - Beautifully smelling, natural ingredients & (a winner for me) does not test on animals!!!
Barry M Mani Mask Conditioning Base Coat
Pure BB Cream - This is a brand I found in Home Bargains, is a fraction of the price of other BB creams & is fantastic. Only negative is that it's still a little too dark for my skin - but I am so fair, most foundations are anyway!
Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argon Oil - Love this product & have been using it for years. I like the conditioning qualities in it; it's important to look after your lashes, especially if you wear as much mascara as me.
Beauty & the Gym  How I Keep My Skin Healthy When I Workout Healthy Skin & Hair
I hope that some of you found this useful - a little insight on my beauty tips as a fitness lover. A special thanks to The Hero Project for inspiring this article - a fantastic beauty brand, on a mission to simplify beauty for everyone.


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