24 August 2017

Enthusiasm | We Can't Have it All the Time!

Enthusiasm - We can't always have it - time out to relax, beach
I have been struggling with my enthusiasm recently - I'm not going to lie to you! I love the gym when I go & still work hard for my goals, but I'm so tired, that it's taking its toll.

10 August 2017

Holiday HIIT | The Ultimate Anytime Any Place Workout

Holiday HIIT -  The Ultimate Anytime Any Place Workout - Holiday Summer Beach Workout, bikini summer body
You're on holiday, enjoy the sun, enjoying the break from reality & most importantly enjoying the food!!! But in the back of your mind, the time away from your usual fitness routine or diet is niggling. Well instead of stressing about it, take action! You don't need a gym for a good workout, nor do you need an hour long session to get the endorphins flooding back. Even a quick workout, will make you feel tones better.

3 August 2017

Courgetti Bolognese | High Protein, High Fibre & Low Carb Recipe!

Courgetti Bolognese Recipe - high protein, high fibre, low carb, eat clean, 5 a day, eat the rainbow
Some weeks the enthusiasm to eat healthy is just no there. Well here is my solution to those times, created because I wanted something rich in flavour, to get me out of those post holiday blues. So without further a do, here's my high protein, high fibre, low carb courgetti bolognese recipe - it's so delicious, you don't even realise how healthy it is!