24 August 2017

Enthusiasm | We Can't Have it All the Time!

Enthusiasm - We can't always have it - time out to relax, beach
I have been struggling with my enthusiasm recently - I'm not going to lie to you! I love the gym when I go & still work hard for my goals, but I'm so tired, that it's taking its toll.
So I recently started a new job - one I love - but one that means I am out for 12 hours a day, with a long commute. By the time I get home & scoff down dinner, I really need to kick myself to find that motivation to get my butt to the gym.
Although being in full time work, rather than previously freelancing from home, helps me stick to my meal plan, it has also meant I have had to reduce my workouts from 5/6 times per week, down to 4/5. Although this is not a big difference, it has brought me down a bit - I get frustrated with myself. And I know I'm not an athlete or training for anything in particular, but it is my happy place, which is why I go so often!
Enthusiasm - We can't always have it - meal prep meal plan eat clean weight loss get lean
Now this is the important bit - we are never going to be motivated 100% of the time & that's ok! But you won't get any more motivated by punishing yourself for the past - instead look to the future, set realistic goals & maybe even try something new to get your mojo back! Here's my 5 biggest tips that get my head back in the game:

1. Try  Something  New  -  Be it a new workout, new gym or new goals, it's bound to get your inspired once more.
2. Find  Someone  You  Connect  With  -  Either on social media, or real life. Someone who you can look to that encourages you to get up & go. Motivational quotes can also be great!
3. Music  -  Find a playlist that makes you feel! For me, I like hip hop, R&B & rock for a workout, depending on my mood!
4. Transformation  -  Record how far you've come, the great things you've achieved & the goals you've smashed. When your not in the mood, look at that & see how far you've come & tell yourself not to stop there!
5. And Relax  -  Take that pressure away. So what if you've had an off day or two - it's what you do tomorrow that counts now. Equally, don't be so uptight about treating yourself - be that with food or an activity - show yourself a bit of love now & then & you'll soon get your mojo back!
Enthusiasm - We can't always have it - get fit get lean gym workout plan weight training
If you can pick yourself back up & move forward, that says a lot about your character. You are strong! It's what we do about the off days that really defines success - whether we look to the future or dwell on what hasn't been achieved. So my goals in the next coming week? Aim for those 5 days a week, give it my all in my workouts & most importantly, enjoy that time, as that is my me time - my time to relax & focus - and that should be more important than anything! So chin up, you can & will achieve great things! See you next week.


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