30 March 2017

Exhaustion | 5 Ways I Conquer it & Get Motivated for the Gym

Motivated for the gym, energy, beat fatigue, keep hydrated, abs, toned, lean, puma (2)
I think one of the most used excuses for not working out is tiredness - and yes sometimes it is a very valid reason, but most of the time it is a lack of motivation that is causing us to use tiredness as an excuse. So if this is what is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, then I thought I'd share with you my 5 quick fix tips of how I get energised & motivated for the gym, even after a long day!

9 March 2017

Should Women Lift? | I Say Hell YES! Here's Why...

Michelle Lewin Fitness Inspo Women Who Lift Strong Lean Toned Abs
There is such a stigma around women who weight train & a genuine fear that surrounds it, which prevents many women from even giving it a try. Well in honour of International Women's Day yesterday, I want to discuss why we should abolish these ridiculous thoughts & why it is such a great method of training for women & men alike!

2 March 2017

Pantone Colour of 2017 | What it Means for Fashion, Food & Interiors

Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 Greenery 15-0343
With fashion weeks soon coming to an end, I thought it was only fitting to talk about one of the biggest trends in design for 2017 - Pantone's Colour of the Year - a decision that not only inspires the design world around us, but also reflects the current climate of humanity. And with that, I am excited to announce that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery. Colour 15 - 0343.