7 December 2017

Victoria's Secret Angles | The Women & Fitness Behind the Wings

Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel
There's a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to models & health, due to the out dated idea of starving yourself to be skinny! This has led to generations of self conscious women (and men) all blindly fighting for that perfect body. Sometimes at any cost. But I feel that recently, things have changed. And the rise of fitness has played a big part of that! Fitness influencers are now becoming the new role models, encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle & reap the rewards both inside & out. It's a great change!

And this is no difference when it comes to models. They're no longer relying on genetics & a diet of rabbit food, but instead are paying close attention to their health too. Victoria's Secret Angels are a great example. Who saw the fashion show the other night? How amazing did they look! Not skin & bones, but toned muscles & abs - models that looked genuinely healthy!

There is still a lot of negativity around the angels however - they're body fat percent is too low, they're on a strict low carb diet, they're lifting more than they're body weight. Well who else does that sound like? Every other body builder or physique competitor training for a show! Yes the girls will eat a low carb diet before their show to reduce body fat, but no doubt their nutritionist will up their protein, like anyone else who is 'cutting'. And good on them lifting their body weight - they may be skinny, but it's great to hear how strong they are too!
Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel, adriana Lima, skipping,Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel, josephine skriver, weight training, squats
I fully champion these women. They train just as hard as an athlete, eat a strict diet like a fitness competitor & are a great example to young women that eating healthy & keeping fit is the best for your body, inside & out.

So now let's get onto the how! How do these models get in such great shape? Yes they're blessed with beauty, but they work their asses off none the less. How do they show so much control? What workouts do they do? What do they eat?!?

Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel, Jasmine Tookes, Weight Training, Bikini Body
I agree with the Angel's trainers when they say what works for one girl, might not work for another. It's about finding the workout you enjoy & sticking to it. Commitment is also key; they will train about 4-6 times a week, for an hour a session, in the build up to the show. A few weeks away, that may double - but unless you're training to step on stage, good news, once a day is just fine! If you don't know where to start, here are a few things the ladies do to stay so fit...

Adrianna Lima  -   Skipping

Lily Aldridge   -   Ballet 6 times a week

Martha Hunt   -   Ballet, Barre, Weights & Cardio

Sara Sampaio   -   Pilates, Resistance Training & Cardio

Jasmine Tookes   -   Weight Training

Kelly Gale   -   Yoga

Josephine Skriver   -   Resistance Training

Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel, Martha Hunt, boxing, gymnastics
As you can see, most of the girls will train  multiple ways. They'll use resistance & weight training to tone muscle. Yoga, ballet & pilates is used to elongate muscles & to improve grace & posture. Whilst cardio is used to burn fat stores & improve stamina. Another exercise favoured by the girls is boxing! My advice? Try everything, find the exercise you love & try to fit it in 4-5 times a week, 3-4 times if starting off.

Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel, RomeeStrijd, clean eating, meal plan
It's great to hear that the Angels' trainers all stress the importance of food & nutrition - not one utters the word diet! I love how people are now recognising that eating right can bring far better results than starving your body. Yes there are still negativity around the girls eating low carbs, low fat & drinking minimal 24hrs before the show, but is this not exactly what any body builder would also do prior to stepping on stage? That level of intensity only lasts for a short period of time & is not a sustainable way of living. So what kind of foods are the girls eating?

L O W   C A R B S   -   In order to lean out, the girls will be on a low carb diet, yes. But will still be consuming some form of carbs - for example, a lot of veg, some fruit & complex carbs, such as brown rice.

P R O T E I N   -   To keep you full & energised for longer, a high protein diet will be key, when eating  low carb. This will also help repair the muscles when doing a lot of exercise. Don't worry, protein won't make you suddenly grow big & muscular! You need to combine it with heavy lifting & months & months of training for that!

N A T U R A L   -   Nothing is better than a wholesome, natural, clean diet. By eating a great range of fruit & veg, you'll get lots of nutrients, key to giving you that healthy glow! Also, by avoiding processed foods, you'll notice less bloating - which is down to excess salt, sugar & preservatives etc added to processed foods. I like to live by the 80:20 rule, 80% natural foods, 20% other & give myself a cheat meal once a week. And good news, natural doesn't mean chicken & veg every night - it can be extremely tasty!!! Head over to my Instagram - @Sallylouisep - for some tasty, easy ideas.

H Y D R A T I O N   -   Although you'll hear horror stories of the girls cutting their water consumption just before a show, to reduce water weight & look leaner (just like any  physique competitor...) this is not a lifestyle! Hydration is key - for good skin, hair, healthy glow & of course maintaining your body's health. Try to aim for 2 litres of water per day.

M E A L   P R E P   -   Busy? No excuse. Meal prep can save so much time during the week & keeps you on track! Check out my easy guide, on how to make meal prep stress free! There are also a lot of companies out there, that will do the leg work for you - from working out your macros, making a meal plan & delivering the prep to your door. But it can be quite pricey! So I prefer to do it myself!

P L A N   Y O U R   S N A C K S   -   I rarely break from my meal plan, if I plan my snacks. For example, oat biscuit at 11am, banana & peanut butter at 4pm, protein shake at 9pm & yogurt & a small portion of chocolate (30g) at 10pm. It keeps your energy levels topped up & mind focused. Just stick to healthy options & watch out for the sugar content in your favourite 'healthy' snack.


Don't forget your beauty sleep! Sleep is when your body repairs & replenishes itself, so it is so vital! Remember, looking great on the outside, comes from looking after your body on the inside. So take care of yourself - you deserve it.
Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel, Kelly Gale, yoga, eat clean, abs
So to look like an Angel, you first have to take care of yourself! These girls do work extremely hard for their bodies, but with a little determination & commitment, you will become just as confident as them & start to notice some amazing changes in your body. And please never compare yourself to another - heck, I'm never going to look like a VS model, I'm 5ft 3" - we're all different. If you work hard & treat your body well, I promise you that self confidence will come. And so will that inner strength!


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