23 November 2017

Overwhelmed? | 5 Things that Help to Calm My Anxiety

5 ways to calm anxiety, overwelmed, healthy lifestyle happy mind
More & more people are struggling with anxiety in this day & age. When you think, the pressure to always be your best starts as early as primary school, is there any wonder? And with emails, internet & social media so accessible on our phones - which don't get me wrong, is great - but we're now feeling the pressure to be working all hours of everyday. It's a fast paced world & it's only getting faster. So no wonder more people are suffering from anxiety, self doubt & extreme stress, which can later result in a serious health problem. It's a sad reality!
But one thing that definitely does not help, is dwelling on the negative. Especially if that negative is one that is out of our control. Instead we must focus more on the positives & what great things we have achieved, to allow us to push forward & achieve new goals.

You might remember, I have previously shared my story, about my dealings with anxiety & panic attacks. I know a lot of my anxiety builds up from my extreme expectations for myself - I like everything to be perfect! So the tips I am giving here are from the heart & ones that have worked for me. I hope there are a couple that work for you too!

My 5 Tips to Help Calm Your Anxiety
5 ways to calm anxiety, overwelmed, happy, healthy, exercise, Hannah Andersson
Sleep | You may have heard this one a million times, but it is so crucial, especially if your anxiety is down to stress & work load. You will be more productive with a restful nights sleep! I also find my anxiety drops when I am well rested - I am less stressed & panicked, as I can think clearly. No I'm not saying you must have 8 hours a night - some of us really struggle to fit that in - but really try hard for 7 hours!

Hobby | For me, this is the gym - its changed everything for me! Being able to focus on something you enjoy & take your mind off everything else is great to reset your mind, especially before bed! Exercise is also a perfect hobby to chose, as it releases endorphins, which will help lighten your mood & keeps you fit & feeling more confident. I chose weight lifting, because the sense of empowerment is unbeatable! But your hobby doesn't have to be exercise. As long as you enjoy it, it should help take your mind off your worries.

Me Time | Another old gem, am I correct? But it's important that you make time for you, to once again reset your energy levels & mind, for a happier outcome. This can come in the form from a bubble bath, pampering, movie night, dinner with loved ones - anything that you enjoy! As long as it allows you to switch off. For me, this is a night in with my man, relaxing together & doing very little.

Realistic Schedule | A realistic schedule can really help manage time & expectations. I have my one at work & one at home. Each week I will have a list of jobs & a list of urgent, time sensitive jobs. I will then prioritise 1 or 2 a day to be complete. Once complete, I will work down my list of urgent. This helps me to fit things in daily & not get disheartened when I haven't ticked everything, which normally is impossible in a day. Also, accept there will always be a list, so don't expect it to completely disappear one day. Just focus on the time sensitive first & this will help you to keep calm!

Escapism | My second greatest relief for anxiety. If I can escape from reality, let my imagination wonder & forget my problems for a little bit, that helps to calm me down. To do so I like to listen to all sorts of music, depending on my mood, go to the gym or watch TV. Now when it comes to what TV, at night I love to watch uncomplicated TV, that demands nothing from your brain nor emotions, other than laughter - something simple & humerus, to relax your mind before bed. My go to? Family Guy! Alternatively reading, walking & being with nature are all great ways to escape from reality for a bit.

I hope you pick up at least 1 new tip, to help ease your anxiety! If you have any other methods that work for you, I would love to hear them - please share bellow.


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