9 November 2017

The Women That Inspire Me | My 8 Favourite Instagrammers

The women who inspire me - fitnes motivation
I speak a lot about how I find my focus from other's dedication! But with so many fitness accounts out there, it can be hard to find one that you truly connect with & one that is really honest about their diet & workouts. So today, I have decided to share with you the 8 women (& 1 man) that inspire me to always push on & stay strong. And I hope you can find one to inspire you too!

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Carly Rowena - Cross Fit Healthy Living Body Confidence
I have this little lady to thank for getting me into weight lifting & I couldn't be more grateful! Thanks to Carly, I am no so much happier & more confident in myself. So if you're looking for real, honest advise - head straight to Carly! She embraces everything that is fitness, wellness & a balanced lifestyle, without isolating anyone in the process - as her positivity encourages you to join her for the ride. So if you only check out 1 new instagrammer today, I would urge you to check out Carly!

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Heidi Sommers - Weight Lifting Bikini Body Possitive Energy
A girl with a smile as big as her personality! Heidi has taught me so much about weight training, the lifestyle surrounding it & how to properly fuel my body with food. Thanks to her I now embrace my love of food & my big ass! Plus she never fails to inspire me to fight for my goals. If you want to learn more about weight training & healthy eating, head to Heidi, for a real, honest approach to fitness - one that everyone can embrace!!!

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Cat Meffan - Yoga Peaceful Energy
My number one stop for a good post workout stretch! Cat's profile is pure relaxation & wellness - she inspire me to relax a bit from time to time & breath. If you're looking for some really unique, but accessible yoga video's, Cat's your girl! Another wonderfully honest influencer & such a genuine soul.

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Denice Moberg - Weight Lifting Abs Gymshark
The definition of goals! Both body goals & fit foodie goals. For unique workouts & colourful recipe ideas, head to Denice. She makes you fall back in love with the gym, when you're stuck in a rut, because she encourages you to switch things up & have a play.

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Sophie Guidolin - Weight Lifing Bikini Competitor Mum
Sophie is a complete bad ass! Her work ethics are second to none & that why she is so inspiring! She proves you can still be feminine, be a mum, run your own business AND workout, all you need is determination. So if you're looking for someone connect with on that level, that can motivate you to workout after a long day, then check out Sophie!

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - The Tiny Tank - Weight Lifting Fitness Abs
For colourful recipes & ab goals, then head to Sally - aka The Tiny Tank. Her Instagram always helps to focus my mind on my end goals & keeps me on track. Plus her food ideas helps to show you just how tasty eating healthy can be. She also throws a few workouts in the mix - so a great all rounder to follow for some real inspiration!

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - AJ Odudu - Runner Adidas Healthy Lifestyle
For bundles of personality & a positive go-getter attitude, head no further than AJ! She is a great all rounder for fitness - from running to yoga - and posts some delicious food pics. But the main reason to follow her, is for your daily dose of positivistity! Plus she is far more than just fitness, if you're looking for business ideas or a style icon, she might also be your girl...

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Maddy & Alex Weaver - Sisters Empowering Healthy Lifestyle
Great things can happen when women support each other - and this sister act is no exception. Maddy & Alex have such a positive, fun approach to fitness. So if you've lost that spark of motivation or you just want some really good positive vibes to start your day - their instagram is the perfect place to visit!

Strong Women - Inspiring Motivation Fitness - Fit Men Cook Kevin - Healthy Eating Weight Training Lifestyle
And last but not least - the man that inspires me. Kevin, aka Fit Men Cook, is the man who changed my eating habits completely. His exciting, filling, delicious recipes helped me transition from processed foods to whole, clean, healthy foods easily. Easy recipes & no looking back. If you are looking to eat a cleaner diet, head to Kevin's account for ideas on recipe swaps or just to make your mouth water. He is an extremely positive guy, who will inspire you to make a change for the better!

Fingers crossed, you discover a few new, great Instagrammers. If you have any other suggestions, I would love love love to know who inspires you the most! Anything that can help inspire you to stay on track over the winter is fab - stay strong & keep pushing through these cold months! Until next week!!!


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