10 August 2018

Ditching the Scales | How I Track Progress

Ditching the Scales, How I Track Progress, happiness, strong, weight loss
So I have not weighed myself in 7 months now!!! Why? Because I hate how a small piece of metal can have such power over how I feel within my body! Yes it's exciting to see progress - like muscle gain - but our bodies fluctuate so much & we can't always expect to have a positive reading. You can't always be dropping a pound a weak! So I decided to reclaim my happiness.

The last time I weighed myself, I had gained a little muscle mass & a little fat with it, after my winter bulk. And although I was over the moon with the muscle, I felt really crap knowing about the fat gain. Despite the fact it was to be expected on a bulk. So since then, I haven't revisited the scales.

Yes, it is important to track progress, to set new challenges & to always try to move forward, but there's other ways to do it! Here's a few alternate ways I now track my progress:

Ditching the Scales, How I Track Progress, happiness, strength training, weight lifting, goals
1. S T R E N G T H - My main tracker. Although I continuously switch up my workouts, I do track the main areas to monitor my progress - such as squats, deadlifts, leg press, upper body presses... Monitoring this progress helps me stay focused & motivated.

2. C O N Q U E R I N G   G O A L S - Be it a certain amount of push ups, doing pull ups, working on balance, eating less sugar... Set achievable goals & when you conquer them, you will notice how far you have come! For me currently? That would be working on pull-ups, my cardio endurance & eating less meat.

3. E N D U R A N C E - The longer you can go & the easier it gets, will be the most obvious sign of improvement! But remember, never settle. When something becomes too easy, mix it up & challenge yourself once again!

4. F E E L I N G S - The most important one to me. How you feel about yourself & your body! If you feel confident, proud, happy or anything else positive, you should hold onto that! By all means, keep working hard, but don't let a figure on a scale take that away from you! And remember, these feelings can fluctuate just as much as your body - so don't be put off by down days! Just try to put your positive pants back on!

5. V I S U A L L Y - It may not be all day everyday, but if you look in the mirror & feel confident in who you are & the skin you're in, again, hold onto that thought! It will help build your confidence & keep you motivated on your fitness journey!

Ditching the Scales, How I Track Progress, happiness, healthy, balanced diet, meal prep, meal plan
So go on, give it a go for a month! Keep away from the scales, stay on track with your eating & workouts & monitor your progress in other ways. It may work as well for you as it does for me - so it's worth a try!! Good luck!


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