1 February 2018

Been Sick? | Getting Back on Track After Time Away

Been sick- getting back on track after time away, building strength, gym, get fit, muscle,
Who's been ill over the winter months? Not just me then! Sometimes it comes from nowhere & knocks you for six. Well a week ago I suddenly came down with something - headache, fever, exhaustion, chesty cough & a cold all within a day. Who knows what it was - but it knocked me for six! Obviously I didn't feel like the gym, for a whole 7 days! The only food I could stomach was complete junk. And my enthusiasm for Meal Prep.... well let's just say there was none, I haven't even checked how much protein I'm eating this week, let alone any other macros - not like me.

But with all these nasties about this year, how the heck do you get back on it, after a week of feeling so weak? Especially since after a little time away, it can be quite daunting jumping back into it. My best advice? Just start - no matter how big or small - start getting back into a normal routine & you'll soon feel much more like yourself. Here's a few ideas of how to ween yourself back in slowly:

M E A L   P R E P   |   You probably don't feel much like spending a few hours in the kitchen this week? So instead, go back to basics with your Meal Prep. Healthy curry shop brought source & just chuck in the chicken, veg & rice? Or fancy something plainer? Just roast some chicken breast & veg together with rice? Or like me, buy soup this week & make a batch of tuna sandwich filler. Keep it easy & nutritious this week.

I N T U I T I V E   E A T I N G   |   Planning out your macros may also not be at the top of your list, so soon after being ill. Instead, really listen to your body. Eat when it's hungry, stop when it's full & fuel it with good, natural foods. You can go back to calculating macros another week. After all, you should have a good idea of what you can or can't eat in a day from previous weeks.

S T R E N G T H   T R A I N I N G   |   My illness came with the most horrendous chesty cough, which as a result meant that cardio was particularly hard at first. I just kept coughing! Instead I decided to take things slow & concentrate on challenging my strength, rather than a rapid workout. High weight, low reps & lots of sets, with good rests in between. This meant I was working my muscles hard, but not pushing the pace too quick for my first trip back to the gym. Try focusing on moves like deadlifts, squats, chest press, pull ups, press ups - key moves to challenge your strength. I even hit a personal best, after my 7 days out - 60kg deadlift. Happy to see I hadn't lost it!

F R E S H   A I R   |   Go for a walk & breath it in! Don't stay hidden away indoors. It's vital to making you feel like your healthy self again & a speedy or challenging walk is a great way to get back into fitness.

H Y D R A T I O N   |   Drink a lot & flush out the nasty bug. Water, water with lemon (for added vit c), green tea - just keep the hydration up & this will also help you feel like your old self in no time.

Been sick- getting back on track after time away, eating healthy, meal prep, eat clean
Hopefully that's the last of the winter bugs, as we get closer & closer to spring! If you have any other tips of what gets you re-motivated after a long time away -  leave a comment bellow! I'd love to hear them.


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