30 June 2017

The Secret of Abs | 8 Habits to Kick for Real Results

How to get abs for summer - 8 things to avoid, get lean & fit
Visible abdominals have always been craved, but recently their popularity has hit the roof. Maybe this popularity is down to how hard it actually is to get them showing! Loosing weight, eating well & going to them gym can do wonders for you body, but sometimes it can seem impossible to find those abs! That's because tummy is one of the hardest areas to lean out. In order to have visible abs, not only must you be committed to a healthy diet & frequent exercise, but you need to concentrate on lowering your body fat percent. If abs are your goal, here are a few things to avoid...
1. You're Eating Too Many Extras | This could be either in the form of snacks, 'occasional' treats or even drinking too many sugary drinks. Abs are just as dependent on a strict healthy diet as they are on exercise - I can not stress this enough! If you've made the effort to count macros, stick to those measurements - don't guess & go over every time. Yes what difference does a few grams make? But they make a big difference when added up. Don't lie to yourself about how much you're consuming. Even sugary drinks count! My downfall is peanut butter... 15g means 15g, not as much as I can fit onto 1 tbsp!
2. You're Eating Too Much Junk | Sugar, salt, processed foods... they all have a huge part to play when it comes to stored fat, bloating & excess water weight. In order to slim down your waistline, clean, wholesome food is the best way forward. That said, don't deprive yourself on the occasional treat - what's life without a treat?

How to get abs for summer - 8 things to avoid, too much sugary food, eat clean, debload, get lean
3. You're Not Eating Enough | Yer I said it! If you're trying to loose body fat, to reveal those abs, it needs to be done slowly & consistently. Starve yourself for a quick fix & you're body will start breaking down muscle too, as a higher muscle density will require a greater calorie intake - so your body will break down the muscle, in order to put the few calories you're eating to better use. So you want to prevent this! By ensuring you're eating enough protein & complex carbs, you're helping to maintain you're muscle, whilst in a small calorie deficit.
4. You Think Drinks Don't Count | Everything that goes in your body counts, especially when you're aiming  for something so dependant on diet, as abs. The excess sugars, gassy fizzy drinks & alcohol will encourage weight gain around the middle, bloating & uneasiness. I'm not saying don't drink these at all, but drink them in moderation! 1 a day perhaps. Instead opt for drinks like green tea, black coffee & lemon water - which encourage better digestion, faster metabolism, more energy & prevents bloating. Plus green tea & lemon water have fantastic detoxing effects.

How to get abs for summer - 8 things to avoid, get lean & fit, sugary drinks to avoid
5. You're Not Sleeping | I know it's hard to always get the 8 hours, but any type of rest or relaxation will do wonders. Stress & a lack of sleep can cause bloating, weight gain & excess water weight. Try to get some you time, to help your body reset & gain it's healthy glow.
6. You're Relying on Crunches | Crunches are great... for working a small section of your abs! Your abs are made up of so many muscles - you want to work your upper & lower abs, obliques & even your back for the best results. Plus, like with any other muscles, your abs will become used to the same workout repeated again & again. To keep your abs guessing  & working hard, switch up the routine frequently & make sure to work every angle. If you're looking for lean abs & a small waist, focus on high reps, minimum rest time & low resistance. If you're looking to build them, up the resistance & lower the reps, to really challenge their strength!
7. You're Body Fat Percent is Too High | Abs are made in the kitchen & sculpted in the workout. So true! You're only going to see your abs if you're body fat percent is low enough - as naturally, fat stored around the tummy is one of the hardest to rid! For women, at 16-19% & 10-12% body fat for men, you'll begin to see definition. It is hard to achieve, but with time & dedication it is possible & even sustainable - so don't give up now. The harder you work for it, the prouder it makes you feel.
8. You Aren't Doing Cardio | Try a HIIT workout, adding battle ropes to your workout or add a higher intensity exercise between sets, to raise the rate & incorporate cardio into your training. I like to do skipping or boxing in between sets on ab & upper body days. Leg day, I usually just focus on the strength training aspect, as it uses more energy. By doing this, it will help speed up weight loss & burn through stored fat. Alternatively, 15 minutes of intervals on a cardio machine, after training, works wonders for burning through fat for energy.

How to get abs for summer - 8 things to avoid, get lean & fit, HIIT, interval cardio, weight loss
I hate the mystery behind certain aspects of fitness. If you know how, know the myths & can find advice that works for you, there is no reason why you can't achieve great things. The only thing standing in the way is you! Good luck in your journeys & stick with it!!! See you next week!


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