22 June 2017

Hit A Plateau? | How to Get Back On It & Stay On It

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One of the biggest reasons we hit a plateau is because we stick to the same routine. Either our bodies will get used to it & progress will slow down, or we'll get bored of the routine & stop giving it our all. Either way, change is good.
But change can be hard, especially when somethings worked for you before. Do you change your diet, your workout, your whole fitness journey? Well that's down to you. I often find a challenge or reading up on something new to try helps boost my motivation & therefore results. So here's a few ideas for you to try, to help kick through the plateau!

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1. H I I T  -  Tired of cardio? Try introducing HIIT to your training - 15/20 mins of interval training. Be that 45 sec sprints on a cardio machine or add some high intensity cardio between sets, such as skipping, burpees or battle ropes for 45 seconds, 45 seconds rest & so on.
2. F R E E   W E I G H T S  -  Trade in the machine for free weights, but make sure to have the right form! Free weights movements can allow a greater range of movement, working more 'secondary' muscles than machine, making it slightly more challenging. Plus experiment with new free weight moves, to work all angles.
3. O N E   S I D E D  -  A great way to find out if one side is weaker than the other & to then build strength on that side, is to do one side at a time. For example, with leg extensions, do one leg at a time. BUT make sure to work each side for the same amount of reps & weight, or you'll only imbalance your strength further. Plus by working one side at a time, especially with free weights, you will also engage your core to balance you.
4. L I F T   T H E N   R U N  -  Why? Your body will utilise the carbs for energy during weight training, then when it comes to cardio, you're body will burn fat for it's energy source. Do it the other way round & you're likely to burn out during your weights session.
5. A C T I V E   R E C O V E R Y  -  A little activity on rest days can actually help to diffuse soreness, by increasing blood flow to the muscle tissues, to speed up recovery by up to 40%. So go for a walk, play sport, do some foam rolling, or my favourite, do some yoga. I find yoga not only helps to relieve my soreness, but helps increase my range of motion & flexibility for the gym!
6. U P   T H E   I N C L I N E  -  Running on an incline activates more muscles than running on the flat, it increases power through your legs & burns a lot more calorie than running on the flat. It is also much kinder on the knees - less shock on your joints!

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Remember, the key to beating a Plateau, is change! Try something new & find that passion once again. I have tried most of the above & really enjoyed seeing the difference a new course of action could make! So give it a go. See you next Thursday!


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