21 September 2017

Now the Summer is Over, Why Should I Continue to Workout? | Because!

Why you should workout in the winter - exercise, gym, fitness goals, bulking, muscle, weight lifting
Every year, the New Year & summer motivates us to get our butts in gear! We are energised with new goals & new plans of how to achieve them. But, after a few months, it can be hard to continue fighting for the same goals. This time of year can be especially hard. We've worked for months to feel great over the summer, but now winter is closing in, the temptation to take a elongated break, can be all too much. Well don't!

Winter is not the time to give up on your goals & reverse the amazing things that you have already achieved. Instead it is the perfect excuse to set new, even more challenging goals!

Here are some of the reasons I continue to workout, throughout the year. And why I want you all to join me:

If you take a long break from fitness, you will notice your levels of fitness, endurance & strength will decrease. You don't want to be starting from scratch again! Even a little activity will help keep your fitness levels ticking over. Also, by continuing throughout the year, there will be no panic next year, when summer hits.

I T   T A K E S   Y E A R S   O F   D E D I C A T I O N
Athletes, bodybuilders, sports stars - it's taken them years of dedication & hard graft to get to where they are today. If, like me, you aspire to look or have similar fitness levels to people like this, it takes time, not just 3 months before the summer. Not even a year. It takes years of continuous dedication. My advice? Find somebody you really connect with, with goals similar to yours & let their journey motivate you. Don't give up just because it's winter & stay patient.

Why you should workout in the winter - winter bulk, lean muscle, abs, fitness goals, gym, heidi somers
I N S I D E   &   O U T
Sometimes we forget, fitness is far more than what you see on the outside. Fitness defines how healthy, strong & capable you are on the inside, far more than what it shows on the outside. We tend to measure our growth by what we see on the outside, because it's easier, but winter is the perfect time to work at what's on the inside. Try focusing on building your strength, your flexibility, your cardiovascular endurance etc - all of which will help improve your workouts & get you closer to your goals. So start paying attention to what's on the inside too.

N E W   G O A L S
Winter is the perfect time to work on new, deeper goals. For one, we are unlikely to be in swimwear & therefor a little added weight is not a big issue. But in addition, they will help motivate you during a time when motivation is at a low. Goals involving numbers are particularly good for increasing mental focus - for example speed/distance/time on a treadmill, number of continuous pull ups, your personal best weight for squatting, your weight - the list is endless. But please try to be realistic, or this can throw you off course. It is also a great time to work on your weaknesses. I want to work on more functional goals this winter; I will be attempting a lean bulk & building my strength. How you ask? By increasing calories, changing my workout set & rep range & focusing on strength training. Does this scare me? Yes - I have never before wanted to increase my weight, but the idea of building more muscle excites the hell out of me. To help me, I will be monitoring my progress heavily with numbers! More to come on my lean bulk very soon... Starting in October.

Why you should workout in the winter - beat the winter blues, get organised, happy, eat healthy, meal prep, exercise, summer ready
I N C R E A S I N G   I M M U N I T Y
Regular exercise is known to strengthen the immune system - which is especially great this time of year, to help ward off the dreaded winter colds & flues. Plus I am convinced that hanging around the dirty, sweaty weights area of a gym, also has it's part to play! So it is important not to give up now, at a time you need it most. Take me for example - I haven't had a proper cold for the last 2 years. As soon as one rears it's ugly head, within 2 days, it's gone, without developing into a full blown, snotty cold.

N E W   W O R K O U T
Just like setting new goals, trying a new form of exercise can also be great for keeping your motivation at a high. Plus, by teaming a new workout with your primary form of exercise, it can help you improve - for example yoga for weight lifters to increase your mobility, ballet for boxers to increase balance & agility... Be it indoors or outdoors give something new try - group activities can also keep you more inspired. A few things I would love to try include climbing, getting more into boxing, cross fit & I would love to try a workout in the snow one day!
Why you should workout in the winter - healthy eating healthy immune system more energy, meal prep eat clean
So please promise me this,  just because the nights are closing in, don't hibernate - your not a hedgehog! If you need any further motivation, head over to my social media pages or give me a shout! Until next time, happy workout!


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