10 April 2015

The Truth Behind Real Style

   So recently I was asked to share what my favourite style tip was, part of La Redoute's campaign 'The Secret To French Style' -showcasing their chief stylists' seven most valuable tips for effortless elegance & a Parisian style - and it really got me thinking. I found it hard to summarise style with one short sentence, it is far more individual than that. So I questioned what style really means to me as an individual & how I could share my tips among every women. So here are my top 3 style tips, straight from my heart & with a designers perspective...

1. A winter's coat is an investment. 
Be it a staple timeless coat, or an annual statement treat, the coat should be an investment, a quality piece. Why? Because it can convert any summer's dress instantly into a winter's outfit. Team it with this years gloves & hat & you're all set! Personally I can not live without my trench coat! It goes with every dress I own. Roll sleeves up & leave open for an autumn look & tie it to keep you warm in the winter months. 

2. Trends are there to inspire, not to be followed. 
INDUSTRY SECRET HERE... Designers are not designing to follow predicted trends, nor do they design to create a trend that interlinks with other designers, they design around a concept that truly inspires them, an idea that they believe will have a powerful impact on their audience too. So my top tip is find YOUR style & find out what suits you & your personality. My style revolves around girly dresses, in particular one's in the style of Dior's 1950's New Look. I also love print, texture, feminine colours & sparkle!! And for example I know that trends such as layering or oversized dresses often do not flatter my figure, but they would look amazing on a tall, slender frame. Trends however are there to inspire you that particular season, so make them work around you, not the other way! You will look far more stylish in something that flatters you, that you know you look great in, rather than the latest couture trend that could do the exact opposite! Unless your Anna Dello Russo that is, who seems to be able to pull off anything!
3. This is my most powerful tip. Be confident in who you are. Confidence can carry an outfit a long way. Even if you may not feel confident inside, try to portray a more confident front, even if it's just in the way you walk -with your head held high & a bounce in your step. You'll soon start believing in that confidence & own it! Trust me!
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